Madden 21: How to stop a running QB like Lamar Jackson & Kyler Murray

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For Madden 21, the reigning MVP Lamar Jackson will be on the cover. He is known as a scrambling QB, not just for extra yards, but for huge gains.

Knowing how to stop this will be huge for defending well in the game.

Huddle GG has worked with EA Sports to cover the tools at your disposal to stop them in a youtube video.

So here's how to stop players like Lamar Jackson running all over you.

QB Spy

The first thing you need to know how to do is QB spy.

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This places a certain defender into spy zone coverage. They follow the scrambling QB along the line of scrimmage, waiting for them to break forward and then meet them as quickly as possible.

rsz madden 21 qb spy
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ORANGE CIRCLE: marks the player in the QB spy

To do this, the quickest way is to select the player you want to be the spy and press A/X followed by RS move to the left.

Be aware of what coverage you are taking them away from though. You will notice some plays have a QB spy already designated within their planning so knowing where these are in the playbook is handy.

You can all crash the spy and send the player to tackle the QB quicker mid play by pressing the RS in.

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This can hurry the QB and force them to make a play, but be careful not to do this when there are blockers around as your player could then be blocked out of action and leave clear field to scramble into.

Most of the time it will be a Linebacker in this spy, but practice situations where you use the FS.

When you do this they come down into the short middle of the field and then can often get to the QB quicker if needed. Be aware this will leave less coverage over the top.

QB Contain

Defensive lines set to QB contain will angle their pass rush so that they can keep the QB from breaking to the outside of the pocket.

They are still trying to get to the scrambling QB, and can therefore still make sacks but it's slightly reduced success rate as its less direct.

That said, it sets the edge a lot more effectively and helps to prevent the QB breaking into the flat as easily.

rsz madden 21 qb contain
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OPTIONS: Plenty of plays feature a contain element

There are lots of plays that feature contain as standard but if you want to take a regular play and make it contain you can.

Press RB/R1 twice in the defensive keys menu and your defensive line will set to contain

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For this to work effectively, those defensive ends need to have decent speed ratings to be able to set the edge and cause the QB problems. If they are too slow the speed QB will be able to maneuver further outwards.

Coverage Adjustment

Another tip is one that Huddle GG has managed to uncover using some of the new adjustments.

rsz madden 21 qb zone edit
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OOOOOOO EXCITING: Theres some new coaching adjustments to learn

Under defensive coaching adjustments change the zone drops - hooks to say 0.

Then call a play that is a cover 2 coverage in which your nickel CB will be in a hook zone.

You will need to make a pre-snap defensive adjustment to make sure the other two yellow zones don't go to the LOS.

rsz madden 21 qb zone edit 2
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UGLY BUT EFFECTIVE: These zones dont look good but it works

Put one in a deep 3rd zone cover and then user the other player.

When the ball is snapped the nickel CB in the yellow zone that you are not controlling will drop to the line of scrimmage (this is the selection of 0) but on the right side of the field.

As soon as the scrambling QB moves to that side you will be able to crash the spy by pressing in the RS and get the sack unblocked.

Stopping QB Option Plays

If you are facing a mobile QB it's worth setting your coaching adjustments at the start of the game to protect from option plays.

In the adjustments select option defense -> conservative.

rsz madden 21 qb option
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COMEBACK: This was in last year so won't be new to players from Madden 20

This will make the QB the focus of the defenders who will be less fooled by the QB keeping the ball and rushing.

If you are already at the line of scrimmage you can press A/X button in the defensive key which is the 'option QB' setting.

This makes the AI focus on the QB which stopping the run, which allows you to focus your user on the standard HB play.

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