How to lateral in Madden 21 - Most Feared Solo Challenge

Most Feared has arrived in Madden 21, and with it we all need reminders for the niche moves.

Well one such move, is about to become a lot more important.

The lateral pass.

Most Feared

The very first Most Feared challenge asks you to lateral. Which is a nightmare in regular play!

To do it you'll need to hit L1 on PS4 or LB on Xbox One.

Timing and positioning is everything here, try to have another fast player behind your running back to get the ball and keep moving.

Good luck!

The Yard

The Yard is a new fun game mode in Madden 21.

Its 6-on-6 house rules football with the aim on having fun and being creative.

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The house rules change depending on the venue, but the scoring system encourages you to lateral pass in order to score extra points.

rsz madden 21 the yard plays
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MAD PLAYS: The Yard has some crazy routes which opens up opportunity for laterals

If you add a lateral pass to a TD play, you will add an extra point to your score.

To compete in this game mode, you need to know how to do the move at a moments notice, usually during a tense moment in the game.

How to lateral pass in Madden 21 on PS4 or Xbox One

Once you are past the line of scrimmage, you activate the ball carrier buttons and can perform a lateral pass with the following;

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  • To lateral pass on PS4, press Left Bumper (L1) on the controller.
  • To lateral pass on Xbox One, press Left Bumper (LB) on the controller.

Be very careful, if you lateral pass and miss the target it will be a live ball and count as a fumble!

Hints and Tips

  • Practice, practice, practice - Laterals require a degree of skill. You will find that the first time you try it, it will be chaos. Do some practice with a QB option play with the HB running to the side. Then when you feel more confident practice with WRs in open play down the field.
  • The Yard vs Regular Game Modes - The Yard encourages these kinds of plays and so expect to see it and use it more. If you are playing franchise mode it's much riskier and won't be very common!
  • Timing is everything - Don't use laterals all the time. Save them for the moments that matter, when you really need to score.

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