Madden 20 Ultimate team: The best bargain wide receivers (WR) under 30,000 (30k) coins – Darius Slayton, Will Fuller, Odell Beckham Jr.

Assembling a team can be costly, these receivers don’t break the bank but will shine for your team.

by Remy Cabache

Madden Ultimate Team gives players the ability to build the team of their dreams, but it is not without its hard work.

To do so, and to keep up with the best teams, requires a ton of time and skill, or plenty of money. Either way, players need to be smart about which players they add to their team.

The receiver is position is one of the most important it MUT, as their speed and ball carrying ability can often be the defense in tight games.

Finding the right ones without breaking the bank can be tough, so we’ve done the work for you in finding the best receivers for fewer than 30k coins.

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Darius Slayton (86 OVR)

Program: Team of the Week

Team: New York Giants

Auction House Value: Xbox – 28.9k/PS4 – 29.9k/PC – 24.4k

Darius Slayton has been one of the few positives of the Giants 2019 season, and in Week 10 he shone brighter than ever before.

His performance of 10 catches for 121 yards and two touchdowns earned him a TOTW nod, giving him a neat 19 OVR boost from his core rookie card. With 92 speed, 92 jumping and 88 spectacular catch at 6’2”, this is a great deep threat for the price.

Will Fuller (86 OVR)

Program: Team of the Week

Team: Houston Texans

Auction House Value: Xbox – 25.1k/PS4 – 24.6k/PC – 33.2k

In Week 5 of the season Will Fuller had one of the best receiving performances of the season. The speed demon racked up 217 yards and three touchdowns on 14 catches as the Texans dominated the Falcons.

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Like Slayton, Fuller fills the role of a deep threat. At 86 OVR, his 91 speed is truly elite. He is faster than many higher rated receivers but is just a fraction of the price. You also get 84 catching and 82 deep route running with that speed.

Sterling Shepard (86 OVR)

Program: Team of the Week

Team: New York Giants

Auction House Value: Xbox – 25.3k/PS4 – 25.1k/PC – 30k

Shepard has had a very frustrating season – much like the Giants. When on the field he’s run hot and cold and he has missed plenty of time with injuries. Shepard was expected to partially fill Odell Beckham Jr.’s shoes, and he hasn’t been able to. But, in Week 3 he looked like he might.

In Daniel Jones’ first career start, against the Buccaneers, Shepard came up big for the rookie. He caught seven passes for 100 yards and a touchdown, along with 21 rushing yards. He doesn’t have the speed of the two above him, but 86 speed, 87 acceleration and 89 agility he is very quick and great in the slot.

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Andre Reed (86 OVR)

Program: Legends

Team: Buffalo Bills

Auction House Value: Xbox – 24k/PS4 – 25.1k/PC – 29.9k

Reed is one of the greatest Buffalo Bills of all time and was a technician at the receiver position, making cornerbacks look silly in coverage.

This card is no different, as he is the best route runner of any of these options. While you sacrifice some speed, his is just 83, with 87 short route running, 82 release, 79 medium route running and 78 deep route running, he can get open without the speed.

D.J. Chark Jr. (86 OVR)

Program: Team of the Week

Team: Jacksonville Jaguars

Auction House Value: Xbox – 27.6k/PS4 – 26.9k/PC – 30k

This Chark card represents much the same as Darius Slayton’s we mentioned earlier. Chark has shone while the Jaguars have struggled, and several times this year he was the lone bright stop on offense.

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His performance in Week 11 produced this card, which will give your team an excellent budget deep threat. 92 speed and jumping, with 86 spectacular catch and 82 deep route running on a 6’4” frame is crazy. He does have the worst route running overall, but he only needs to play within his strengths to be worthwhile.

The best bargain WRs in MUT

Name Overall Program Team AH Value (Xbox/PS4)
Darius Slayton 86 TOTW New York Giants 28.9k/29.9k
Will Fuller 86 TOTW Houston Texans 25.1k/24.6k
Sterling Shepard 86 TOTW New York Giants 25.3k/25.1k
Andre Reed 86 Legends Buffalo Bills 24k/25.1k
D.J. Chark Jr. 86 TOTW Jacksonville Jaguars 27.6k/26.9k
Odell Beckham Jr. 86 Core Elite Cleveland Browns 24.1k/26.6k
Robert Woods 86 TOTW LA Rams 25.3k/29.1k
Julio Jones 86 Core Elite Atlanta Falcons 29.4k/30.9k
Tyrell Williams 86 Zero Chill Oakland Raiders 25k/22.9k
Demaryius Thomas 86 Veterans Free Agents 24.4k/25.5k
Larry Fitzgerald 86 MUT Heroes Arizona Cardinals 26.5k/25.9k
Jerry Rice 86 Legends San Francisco 49ers 27.4k/27.1k
Emmanuel Sanders 86 Flashbacks Pittsburgh Steelers 26.4k/27.9k
Marvin Jones Jr. 86 Flashbacks Cincinnati Bengals 25.1k/26k
Brandon Marshall 85 Veterans Free Agent 17.9k/17.5k

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Remy Cabache