Madden 20 Ultimate Team: The best bargain cornerbacks in MUT for under 30k – Taron Johnson, Patrick Surtain & more

It can be tough to balance your funds properly in MUT, so finding some cheap CBs is a must.

Toby Durant by Toby Durant

Passing is fun. Every Madden player knows that, and while running can be devastatingly effective in Madden 20 there is nothing better than dropping back and slicing up a defense.

To combat that every team needs a raft of cornerbacks to cover up receivers and stop the big plays down the sideline.

Putting together an army of top-end corners can be extremely expensive, so at some point, you’ll need to grab a bargain off the auction house to fill out your depth chart.

So who are the best bargain cornerbacks you can add to your team? We have set the bar at 30,000 coins on Xbox and PS4, though you may have to pay a little more on PC.

Taron Johnson (87 OVR)

Program: Football Outsiders

Team: Buffalo Bills

Auction House Value: Xbox – 29,000 / PS4 – 25,000 / PC 32,100

Taron Johnson is relatively unknown, but he has been productive this year so Football Outsiders gave him a nice 87 OVR card for MUT.

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This card is electric, with 91 acceleration and 88 speed. His coverage is decent, with 82 man and 75 zone, but with that speed, he can keep up with everyone and is a quality user option if you want to take away a particular wide receiver.

Patrick Surtain (87 OVR)

Program: Legends

Team: Miami Dolphins

Auction House Value: Xbox – 29,000 / PS4 – 25,300 / PC – 35,100

Patrick Surtain was a stalwart from 1998 to 2008, and you can snag his premier Legends card for just under 30,000 on the auction house.

This card brings a strong 87 man coverage, 87 play recognition, and 87 awareness. His 84 speed and 84 acceleration aren’t quite as good as you’d like, but with that coverage and recognition, he will rarely be in the wrong place.

Mel Blount (87 OVR)

Program: Legends

Team: Pittsburgh Steelers

Auction House Value: Xbox – 30,000 / PS4 30,000 / PC 45,000

Mel Blount took home four Super Bowl titles in the 70s with the Pittsburgh Steelers, as well as five Pro Bowls and two All-Pro appearances.

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His 87 OVR legends card comes with 87 press and 86 man coverage, but only 81 speed. If you can live with that lower speed then his coverage skills will blanket most receivers in the short area and underneath routes.

Justin Coleman (86 OVR)

Program: Veterans

Team: Detroit Lions

Auction House Value: Xbox – 29,900 / PS4 – 29,400 / PC – 32,800

Undrafted in 2015, Justin Coleman has moved around quite a bit. However, the cornerback was part of the famous Super Bowl LI comeback with the New England Patriots and took home a ring before moving to Seattle and eventually landing in Detroit this season.

His MUT card brings 90 agility, 88 acceleration, and 85 speed along with 85 zone coverage and 81 man coverage. He’s also got 86 pursuit. More of a slot corner in a classic Tampa 2 defense than a physical outside defender, Coleman is a nice option for nearly any team that uses sub-packages.

Troy Hill (86 OVR)

Program: Football Outsiders

Team: Los Angeles Rams

Auction House Value: Xbox – 23,200 / PS4 – 22,000 / PC 22,600

Troy Hill has quietly had a very nice season in 2019, hence the Football Outsiders card. At 86 OVR he is a nice addition to any team.

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Hill’s FO card is a nice all-rounder. With 90 agility, 89 acceleration, and 85 speed he can move well, while his 84 zone and 79 man coverage is solid enough.

All MUT bargain cornerbacks for under 30,000

Player OVR Team Program AH Value (Xbox/PS4)
Taron Johnson 87 Buffalo Bills Football Outsiders 29k / 25k
Patrick Surtain 87 Miami Dolphins Legends 29k / 25.3k
Mel Blount 87 Pittsburgh Steelers Legends 30k / 30k
Justin Coleman 87 Detroit Lions Veterans 29.9k / 29.9k
Troy Hill 86 Los Angeles Rams Football Outsiders 23.2k / 22k
Johnathan Joseph 86 Houston Texans MUT Heroes 23.6k / 24k
Buster Skrine 86 Chicago Bears Veterans 22.3k / 21.6k
Willie Brown 86 Oakland Raiders Legends 25.1k / 23.9k
Patrick Surtain 86 Kansas City Chiefs Legends 23.3k / 22k
Stephon Gilmore 86 New England Patriots Core Elite 23.3k / 21.1k
Richard Sherman 86 San Francisco 49ers Core Elite 27.1k / 25.3k
Ty Law 86 New England Patriots Legends 21.4k / 23.6k
Shaquill Griffin 86 Seattle Seahawks MUT Heroes 26.6k / 24.8k
Marlon Humphrey 86 Baltimore Ravens MUT Heroes 26.4k / 24.4k
Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie 86 Washington Redskins Veterans 23.4k / 21.6k
Brian Poole 86 New York Jets TOTW 23.3k / 23.1k
Pierre Desir 85 Indianapolis Colts MUT Heroes 18.9k / 19k
Ronald Darby 85 Philadelphia Eagles MUT Heroes 18.8k / 18.3k
Nickell Robey-Coleman 85 Los Angeles Rams Most Feared 17.4k / 16k
Donte Jackson 85 Carolina Panthers TOTW 17.8k / 19.1k
Champ Bailey 85 Denver Broncos Legends 16.4k / 16.6k
Patrick Peterson 85 Arizona Cardinals Core Elite 17.2k / 18.6k
K’Waun Williams 85 San Francisco 49ers Harvest 17.4k / 17.9k
Steven Nelson 85 Pittsburgh Steelers Most Feared 16.9k / 16.9k87

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Like cornerback, half back (or running back) is a key position where multiple players are needed if your team is going to perform well.

However, you won’t always be able to splash the cash here or select the position when you get a chance.

You’ll need to find some bargains, and we have the ones you need here.

Toby Durant