Madden 20 Ultimate Team: Best bargain tight ends (TE) in MUT – Jared Cook, Dallas Clark & more

The position can be crucial, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend big in the Auction House.

Toby Durant by Toby Durant

The tight end position is going through a rough patch this year in the NFL. Following the retirement of the great Rob Gronkowski has left a big hole at the position, and a lot of offenses don’t feature the position much.

That is not true in Madden, where the TE spot continues to be a match-up problem for defenses that players can exploit.

However, the best and biggest TE cards are incredibly expensive, which often means players end up relying on power-ups or lucky pulls in packs to fill the position.

If you want a game-changer at tight end but aren’t keen to drop 100,000+ coins on one we have the answer for you.

These are the best bargain tight ends in MUT that you can buy for under 30,000 coins.

Jared Cook (87 OVR)

Program: Veterans

Team: New Orleans Saints

Auction House Value: Xbox – 21,600 / PS4 – 24,600 / PC – 29,000

Jared Cook has long been an effective tight end in the NFL, and his first year in New Orleans has been no different. Last year he had a career-high of 896 yards and six touchdowns. He’s already found the endzone six times in 2019.

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Cook brings a strong 86 catching, 86 jumping, and 85 acceleration to the field, making him a safe target in the short area and red zone.

Dallas Clark (86 OVR)

Program: Legends

Team: Indianapolis Colts

Auction House Value: Xbox – 28,100 / PS4 – 22,100 / PC 24,900

Dallas Clark was a key part of the Indianapolis Colts’ success in the 2000s, consistently being an outlet for Peyton Manning and tormenting defenses that would try to slow down the Colts.

Clark has terrific hands, with 86 catching and 86 catch in traffic as well as 85 medium route running. His 77 speed isn’t great, but you can work him open with some smart plays and trust him to snag the ball.

Dallas Clark (85 OVR)

Program: Legends

Team: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Auction House Value: Xbox – 18,800 / PS4 – 18,100 / PC 18,400

This Clark card is from his 2012 season with Tampa Bay. After finally departing Indianapolis Clark caught 47 passes for 435 yards and four touchdowns in his first year away from Indy.

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This Clark card is a little cheaper and brings 85 catching, 85 catch in traffic, and 84 medium route running, so is a small downgrade on the 86 OVR version.

Hunter Henry (85 OVR)

Program: TOTW

Team: Los Angeles Chargers

Auction House Value: Xbox – 19,000 / PS4 – 17,000 / PC – 26,500

Hunter Henry missed all of the 2018 season with a torn ACL, but returned this year and has played well, earning this TOTW card in Week 6 with a 100 yard and two touchdown game against Pittsburgh.

This TOTW Hunter Henry brings good burst with 85 acceleration as well as nice hands with 82 catching, 82 spectacular catch, and 80 catch in traffic. It’s also a solid blockers with 80 run block.

Shannon Sharpe (85 OVR)

Program: Legends

Team: Denver Broncos

Auction House Value: Xbox – 17,900 / PS4 – 19,500 / PC – 24,900

Better known now for his fast-talking TV shows, Shannon Sharpe was a superb tight end in the 90s for the Denver Broncos, winning two Super Bowls there before moving to Baltimore in 2000 and claiming a third ring with the Ravens.

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This Premier Legends card of Shannon Sharpe has 80 short route running, catching, and catch in traffic. It also has a nice 79 medium route running and 77 speed.

The best bargain tight ends (TE) in MUT

Player OVR Team Program AH Value (Xbox/PS4)
Jared Cook 87 New Orleans Saints Veterans 21.6k / 24.6k
Dallas Clark 86 Indianapolis Colts Legends 21.6k / 24.6k
Dallas Clark 85 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Legends 18.8k / 18.1k
Hunter Henry 85 Los Angeles Chargers TOTW 19k / 17k
Shannon Sharpe 85 Denver Broncos Legends 17.9k / 19.5k
Kyle Rudolph 85 Minnesota Vikings TOTW 17.3k / 19.4k
 Tyler Higbee 84 Los Angeles Rams TOTW 17.9k / 17.1k
Dallas Clark 84 Indianapolis Colts Legends 17.1k / 17k
Shannon Sharpe 84 Baltimore Ravens Legends 16.9k / 17.6k
Austin Hooper 84 Atlanta Falcons TOTW 16.7k / 16.1k
Tony Gonzalez 84 Kansas City Chiefs NFL 100 16.6k / 17.3k
Zach Ertz 84 Philadelphia Eagles Core Elite 16.8k / 18k
Jordan Reed 84 Washington Redskins MUT Superstars 16.3k / 16k
Gerald Everett 83 Los Angeles Rams TOTW 9k / 9.1k
Delanie Walker 83 Tennessee Titans Core Elite 9.9k / 10.1k
Shannon Sharpe 83 Denver Broncos Legends 9.5k / 9.7k
Hayden Hurst 83 Baltimore Ravens TOTW 8.8k / 9.4k
Ryan Griffin 83 New York Jets TOTW 9.6k / 9.6k

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Madden Ultimate Team can be a daunting maze of challenges, currencies, and lineup choices. It has grown over the last ten years to not only be the biggest mode on the game, but one of the best game modes on any sports title.

The number of formats you can play, the amount of players available, the presentation of it, and most importantly the personalization, make it so diverse and accessible. However, that can be a big overwhelming to new players. Where do you start?

You can find useful tips & tricks to mastering the MUT universe here.

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