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Madden 20 Ultimate Team: How to snipe and make coins quickly - best filters and tips

To find success on Madden Ultimate Team
requires a lot of time, skill and coins. Or money. If you exclude the latter
and choose to play without paying more, making coins is tough, but here was an
easy way to make a lot of them.

Sniping on the Auction House is something
many MUT players may have heard of, and many may have looked at something too
complicated to do. However, it’s easy enough for anyone to do and is a pretty
safe bet to rake in an unlimited amount of coins – with time.

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So, how can you do it yourself?


What is it?

The concept is simple: you search the auction house for players who are being sold for less than their average market price, buy them, and then sell them immediately at or slightly above market price.

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The Auction House is huge, and finding the
cheapest version of the card you want can often be too much hassle for players,
so they buy one that pops up quickest or isn’t too pricey. Sniping takes advantage
of that.

The profit’s may not be huge, but by
spending enough time doing it, all the little profits add up to really boost
your coins.

How do you do it?

Where you start depends on how many coins
you have. The more coins you have, the more profit you’re going to make as you
can target more expensive cards.


Either way, you first need to narrow down
the Auction House to a group of players who you’ll be focusing on.

Using the filters, you need to pick a specific group of players, say 80-81 OVR core elite cards, and sort it by Buy Now Price. You can then work your way through the teams looking for the best deals.

For example, what you’re looking for is a player who is selling for around 6,000 coins, but there is one version of them available for 4,000 coins. You buy the cheap player and relist them at 6,000 coins. After tax, that example would give you a 1,400 coins of profit.

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Once you have your filter set, you need to keep refreshing it. To do that, just selct ‘Type’ in the filters, and select ‘All Players’ and the list will refresh. If no deal pops up, just keep doing that.

It’s that simple.


It’s simple to do, but here are some
helpful tips to make the most out of your time sniping.


Which cards to target

Sniping works best when there are a lot of
the same cards available. So, the best time to snipe is at the release of new
cards into packs.

For example, as soon as the new NFL 100
cards are released into packs, you’ll find a load of the 86 OVR versions in the
AH as people buy loads of packs with these players. Naturally, people want to
sell their excess items, so list them at a price so they sell quickly – this is
what you take advantage of.

If you’re targeting a card, the more of them that are available, the more likely you are to find a cheap one to sell for more.

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Also, as they’re brand new cards, this is
when they sell for the most. It is the prime time to snipe.


We’re not even halfway through the Madden
year and there are already a ton of filters. It can be a bit overwhelming
knowing where to start. These are some filters I’ve seen to be successful.

  • NFL 100: Quality – 85-86, Program – NFL 100 – This filter is great right at the release of new NFL 100 players. You can even filter further by team to really narrow your search and pinpoint which players are particularly popular at that moment.
  • Power Up: Quality – Any, Program – Power Up, Position – Cycle – This filter is a good one, for the most part, when you have a smaller budget to begin with. There are always a lot of Power Up cards available, and you can sort it down further by position and/or by team to really narrow your options to get the best deals.
  • TOTW: Quality – Any, Program – TOTW – Like NFL 100, this is best right on release. On a Tuesday, when the new TOTW cards have dropped, find out who made that week’s TOTW and filter by their teams and positions. Lots of the lower overall players will be in the Auction House, and you can make small profits from all of them.


MUTHEAD is going to be your biggest help.

On the site you can track each cards prices, you can see which cards are gaining value or losing it, and use that to inform your decisions. If a card is spiking in value, jump on and filter it down to them. You’ll make a pretty penny.

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Furthermore, you can use the site to see
the average price for each player. This can really help, at first, give you an
idea whether a player is a good deal to buy and sell on.


Stay hot

Sometimes you’ll spend a while cycling
through filters without much luck, and that’s fine. Other times you’ll find one
that just keeps producing deals. If you do, stay on it!

If you’re seeing a cheap player every 5-10
refreshes on a filter, stay right there and take advantage of it. It means the
card is peaking and you should be there to take advantage of it.

Be patient

While the profits may seem small, and
realistically they are, being patient and sticking with this is crucial and
will pay off. As you do it more and your coins reserve starts to stay in the
hundreds of thousands, you can target the higher overall players who are

There more coins you accrue, the longer you
can snipe for at any given time. This means each sniping session will bring in
more coins and that cycle will repeat until your hoarding huge amounts of

Be quick


When it comes to the best deal you have to
be quick. Many people spend a lot of time sniping, so if you’re on a hot filter
you need to be lightning fast when it comes to snapping up the cheapest

The more time you spend sniping, the quicker you’ll be able to refresh the AH and buy the players.

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A better internet connection also helps.