Madden 20: These players MUST get a ratings boost in Week 12 – Lamar Jackson, Jarvis Landry, Kyler Murray & more

As teams race toward the playoffs several players have been superb and need an OVR upgrade.

by Remy Cabache

By this point in the season, most players have been fairly rated by the Madden Ratings Adjusters. However, there are still some players who deserve an extra little boost.

Going into Week 12, these five players are the most deserving of a boost to their ratings.



Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens (86 OVR)

Position: QB

AGE: 22

Best Stats: Agility (95), Acceleration (95), Speed (94), Throw Power (91), Break Sack (89)

Jackson has already been the recipient of several ratings boosts, and rightfully so. He is the current frontrunner for the MVP award and has the Ravens absolutely rolling. However, he still needs a little love from the adjusters. Mainly for his accuracy.

Jackson’s reputation is that of a QB who can be inconsistent throwing the ball, but so far this year he has shown he deserves better than 87 SAC, 81 MAC, and 82 DAC.

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Not only did he flash excellent MAC on two of his four touchdown passes on Sunday against the Texans, he is completing 66.3% of his passes – higher than Philip Rivers, Aaron Rodgers, Matthew Stafford and Tom Brady, to name a few – at 8.1 yards per attempt – sixth in the NFL.

Jackson needs to get a little love for his ability to throw the ball accurately and consistently.

Jarvis Landry, Cleveland Browns (84 OVR)

Position: WR

Age: 26

Bests Stats: Ball Carrier Vision (93), Juke Move (92), Agility (92), Spectacular Catch (91), Catching (90)

Landry could now be seen as the forgotten talent on the Browns roster, now that his best friend Odell Beckham Jr. has joined the Browns, but his rating is far too low.

Not only has Landry caught the most passes ever through his first six seasons, but he is also genuinely one of the best route runners in the NFL. He isn’t used in as flashy a role as Beckham Jr., DeAndre Hopkins et al, but he is as talented.

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His catch in traffic and route running at every level deserves boosts to get him closer to 87 overall, bringing him up to speed with Emmanuel Sanders, Chris Godwin, JuJu Smith-Schuster and Allen Robinson II.

Kyler Murray, Arizona Cardinals (74 OVR)

Position: QB

Age: 22

Bests Stats: Acceleration (92), Speed (91), Agility (90), Throw Power (89), Throw On Run (86)

As the number one overall pick, I feel Murray has been hard done by with his 74 OVR. Particularly when you see just 77 medium accuracy, 83 deep accuracy and 85 short accuracy.

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Those ratings and his overall become worse when you see he is rated the same as Ryan Tannehill and on a similar level to Mitch Trubisky. Meanwhile, Jameis Winston is two OVR better, as is Josh Allen. Murray’s play has been on a level with or better than Allen (76), Jared Goff (77) and Baker Mayfield (79).

Murray deserves a nudge up to the 77 OVR region for his play on a poor Cardinals team.


Joe Schobert, Cleveland Browns (79 OVR)

Position: MLB

Age: 25

Bests Stats: Play Recognition (90), Awareness (89), Acceleration (87), Pursuit (85), Speed (83)

Joe Schobert is on pace to earn a big check in the offseason. The linebacker has been a rock in the middle of the Browns defense, and on Thursday night showed his worth on every down.

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He is fifth in the NFL in total tackles (92), has two sacks, five passes deflected, two interceptions, two forced fumbles and a fumble recovery. His 77 block shedding, 80 tackle, 73 zone coverage, 54 power moves and 52 finesse moves could use a little love, boosting him up to the 81-83 overall range with Fred Warner, Roquon Smith, and Benardrick McKinney.

Cory Littleton, Los Angeles Rams (78 OVR)

Position: MLB

Age: 25

Bests Stats: Awareness (89), Acceleration (87), Play Recognition (85), Tackle (85), Speed (83)

The Rams defense, on the whole, has been fairly disappointing. However, Littleton has excelled.

He is 12th in the league in total tackles (82), has added 1.5 sacks, four tackles for loss, two interceptions, deflected eight passes, two forced fumbles, and three fumble recoveries. He is disruptive against the run and pass.

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His 70 block shedding, 74 zone coverage, 64 man coverage and 83 pursuit all deserve a little boost to get him closer to 80 OVR.

Remy Cabache