Madden 20: Every Ultimate Team linebacker with the best zone coverage

Everyone knows linebackers can tackle, but can they cover? These guys need not leave the field.

by Remy Cabache

The NFL is thriving with great, young linebackers which creates a dilemma for Madden Ultimate Team players when it comes to choosing the right one.

All linebackers, as standard, should have decent tackling, play recognition and block shedding, and have okay speed. After that, you have got to prioritize specific ratings depending on your system and style. If you run a 3-4 defense you’re going to want run stoppers and pass rushers, whereas a 4-3 is going to call for rangier, more coverage leaning LBs.


Finding a linebacker who excels in coverage can be a huge asset to help take away running backs and tight ends, or just the middle of the field. If that is what you’re looking for, these are the guys to target.

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Brian Urlacher, Legends (91 OVR)

Zone Coverage: 85

Position: MLB

Auction House price: Xbox – 195k/PS4 – 216k/PC – 177k

It’s fitting that Urlacher has the highest zone coverage rating among linebackers currently, because he is perhaps the best coverage linebacker of all time.

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You could honestly get away with playing this card at SS if you were able to. 85 speed, 85 jump, 90 play recognition, 72 catching, and 85 zone coverage is good enough to let you leave the CPU to control in coverage. If that isn’t enough, he has 82 strength, 84 block shedding, 90 pursuit, 90 tackle and 86 power. He never has to leave the field and he will dominate.

Deion Jones, MUT Heroes (90 OVR)

Zone Coverage: 84

Position: MLB

Auction House price: Xbox – 152k/PS4 – 156k/PC – 149k

Jones is one of the rangiest linebackers in the NFL currently, and this card reflects it.

With 86 speed and 87 acceleration, he has the gas to get to any spot in coverage or to stuff the run. His 76 man coverage and 84 zone coverage make him one of the best all-round coverage linebackers in the game, and 87 pursuit, 87 tackling and 86 play recognition make him valuable against the run, too.

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With 69 strength and 64 block shedding, he is susceptible to being swallowed up by lineman, though, so you’ll have to use his speed to go around the block.

K.J. Wright, Football Outsiders (90 OVR)

Zone Coverage: 82

Position: ROLB

Auction House price: Xbox – 108k/PS4 – 104k/PC – 90.8k

The oft-forgotten linebacker for the Seahawks, playing in Wagner’s shadow, should not be overlooked.

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He may only have 78 speed, 82 acceleration, and 77 agility, but his 82 zone coverage, 74 man coverage, 90 awareness, 90 play recognition, 81 block shedding and 88 pursuit make sure he will be in the right place at the right time. Then, his 91 tackling and 89 hit power make him a formidable tackler.


Keith Bulluck, Legends (92 OVR)

Zone Coverage: 82

Position: ROLB

Auction House price: Xbox – 260k/PS4 – 239k/PC – 289k

Where Urlacher could play strong safety, Bulluck could line up at cornerback and manage. He has incredible ratings to justify his price tag.

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86 speed, 87 acceleration, 85 agility, and 84 jumping make him one of the most mobile linebackers available. Pair that with 84 man coverage and 82 zone coverage and he can match up with slower receivers and running backs, and almost any tight end. If that isn’t enough he also has 74 strength, 85 block shedding, 86 pursuit and 88 tackling, so he thrives against the run.

Derrick Brooks, Legends (90 OVR)

Zone Coverage: 82

Position: ROLB

Auction House price: Xbox – 111k/PS4 – 102k/PC – 109k

Brooks was a key piece in the great Buccaneers defense of the noughties, and is the mold for any Tampa 2 linebacker.

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Zone coverage is as crucial as anything else for a Tampa 2 linebacker, so his 82 zone coverage shouldn’t be a surprise. With 81 speed, 89 awareness, 89 play recognition, 86 pursuit and 90 tackling, along with 75 man coverage, and 73 block shedding, Brooks is a great option for any 4-3 defense.

The best zone coverage linebackers

Player Position Team Program Zone Coverage Overall
Brian Urlacher MLB Chicago Bears Legends 85 91
Deion Jones MLB Atlanta Falcons MUT Heroes 84 90
K.J. Wright ROLB Seattle Seahawks Football Outsiders 82 90
Keith Bulluck ROLB Tennessee Titans Legends 82 92
Derrick Brooks ROLB Tampa Bay Buccaneers Legends 82 90
Myles Jack MLB Jacksonville Jaguars MUT Heroes 81 86
Telvin Smith ROLB Jacksonville Jaguars Series Redux (Signature Series) 80 91
Jamie Collins LOLB New England Patriots Series Redux (TOTW) 80 91
Lavonte David MLB Tampa Bay Buccaneers Signature Series 80 92
Jordan Hicks MLB Arizona Cardinals Football Outsiders 79 87
Keith Bulluck ROLB Tennessee Titans Theme Diamonds 78 87
Willie Lanier MLB Kansas City Chiefs Series Redux (Legends) 78 91
Bobby Wagner MLB Seattle Seahawks MUT Heroes 78 91
Luke Kuechly MLB Carolina Panthers MUT Superstars 77 90
Lofa Tatupu MLB Seattle Seahawks Theme Diamonds 77 87
Deion Jones MLB Atlanta Falcons Core Elite 76 83
Bobby Wagner MLB Seattle Seahawks Core Elite 76 88
Devin Bush MLB Pittsburgh Steelers TOTW/Rookie Premiere 75 86
Sean Lee LOLB Dallas Cowboys Flashbacks 75 90
Jamie Collins LOLB New England Patriots Football Outsiders 75 86

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Remy Cabache