Madden 20: The very best tacklers in Ultimate Team

Defense wins championships, and defenses need to tackle. Which MUT players do that best?

by Remy Cabache

Offense has long been a lot of people’s way to win on Madden Ultimate Team. It’s easier than defense. However, with a little help from the right players, your defense can win you a championship.

A defense can be as fast, strong or flashy as you like, but if they don’t tackle well you may end up frustrated more often than not as your opponents wrack up yards on the ground and after the catch. If your players can tackle, they can make up for shortcomings in other areas.

Honestly, there are some surprising players atop this list, so which players have the best tackling in MUT?


Marcus Davenport, Football Outsiders (89 OVR)

Position: RE

Tackle: 94

Auction House Value: Xbox – 84.3k/PS4 – 74.4k/PC – 75.8k

Davenport was a first round pick of the New Orleans Saints last year and was very much a developmental type prospect. This year he seems to be paying off having made a lot of progress and Football Outsiders love him for his ability to wrap up QBs and RBs in the backfield.

His 94 tackling is immense. If he gets his hands on the QB or RB, good luck breaking the tackle. With 84 speed, 88 acceleration and 91 pursuit from the RE spot, he can cause havoc in the backfield. Add his high motor, strip ball, and that he can utilize all three pass rush moves, he is a reliable bet at defensive end.

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A.J. Johnson, Football Outsiders (88 OVR)

Position: MLB

Tackle: 93

Auction House Value: Xbox – 60.8k/PS4 – 58.9k/PC – 59.1k

A.J. Johnson has been a pleasant surprise for the Broncos defense so far this season, thanks largely to his ability to impact the running game and blitz the QB.

In Madden he feasts on running backs. Athletically he is sound across the board, with 80 speed, 86 acceleration, 79 agility and 79 strength. Combine that with his 81 play recognition, 80 block shedding, 93 tackling and 93 hit power and you can make running backs pay for running into him. He can wrap them up easily or knock them out.

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Wesley Woodyard, Veterans (88 OVR)

Position: MLB

Tackle: 93

Auction House Value: Xbox – 51.1k/PS4 – 57.8k/PC – 59.1k

While Woodyard isn’t quite as good across the board, athletically, as Johnson, he makes up for it in other ways and is the guy I would choose between the two of them.

He still has 80 speed, with 85 acceleration, but has just 77 agility and 66 strength. However, with his 91 awareness, 91 play recognition, 88 block shedding, 91 pursuit and 93 tackling, he will be in the right place almost every time, and will find a way to the ballcarrier to bring him down.

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Ray Lewis, Most Feared (93 OVR)

Position: MLB

Tackle: 92

Auction House Value: Xbox – 346k/PS4 – 377k/PC – 390k

If I had to guess any card to have the best tackling in MUT, it would have been this card. Sure, 92 isn’t a massive drop off, and the difference between Lewis and most other MLBs in every way is incredible. Rightfully so.

Lewis’ Most Feared card boasts 87 speed, 87 acceleration, 83 agility, 87 strength, 92 awareness, 92 play recognition, 89 block shedding, 91 pursuit, 92 tackling and 92 hit power. He is an elite athletic card along with the mental and technical skills to be a beast. His zone coverage may only be 68, but in your control, Lewis will ruin offenses on a regular basis.


Jurrell Casey, Series Redux (Signature Series) (91 OVR)

Position: RE

Tackle: 92

Auction House Value: Xbox – 358k/PS4 – 402k/PC – N/A

Where Davenport is a developmental player with physical tools, Casey is fully refined. He is also a 3-4 RE, whereas Davenport is far better in a 4-3.

With Casey lined up on your defensive line, it would be wise for offenses to avoid him at all costs. Casey can demolish almost any offensive lineman as a run stuffer and a pass rusher. 90 strength, 94 awareness, 94 play recognition, 86 block shedding, 85 pursuit, 92 tackling, 88 hit power and 92 power moves mean Casey is a monster.

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Best Tackling players in MUT

Player Position Team Program Overall Tackling
Marcus Davenport RE New Orleans Saints Football Outsiders 89 94
A.J. Johnson MLB Denver Broncos Football Outsiders 88 93
Wesley Woodyard MLB Tennessee Titans Veterans 88 93
Ray Lewis MLB Baltimore Ravens Most Feared 93 92
Jurrell Casey RE Tennessee Titans Series Redux (Signature Series) 91 92
Bobby Wagner MLB Seattle Seahawks MUT Heroes 91 92
Calais Campbell LE Jacksonville Jaguars Most Feared 93 92
C.J. Mosely MLB New York Jets TOTW 90 92
Darius Leonard LOLB Indianapolis Colts Ultimate Kickoff 88 91
K.J. Wright ROLB Seattle Seahawks Football Outsiders 90 91
Michael Brockers LE Los Angeles Rams Heavyweights 90 91
Gerald McCoy DT Carolina Panthers TOTW 91 91
Dont’a Hightower ROLB New England Patriots MUT Heroes 90 91
J.J. Watt LE Houston Texans MUT Heroes 91 91
Lavonte David MLB Tampa Bay Buccaneers Signature Series 92 91
Blake Martinez MLB Green Bay Packers Ultimate Kickoff 90 90
Luke Kuechly MLB Carolina Panthers MUT Superstars 90 90
Ed Too Tall Jones LE Dallas Cowboys Legends 92 90
Brennan Scarlett LOLB Houston Texans TOTW 92 90
Chandler Jones ROLB Arizona Cardinals Series Redux (Signature Series) 91 90

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Remy Cabache