Madden 20: Ultimate Team chemistries we’d love to see

The chemistry catalogue in Ultimate Team is huge, but there’s definitely space for more.

by Remy Cabache

Over the last five or six years, the steps Madden Ultimate Team has made are incredible. A huge boost in players, programs, chemistries, game modes and the rest of it. There are still some additions that would be very welcome, though.

One of the biggest changes, yearly, comes from the chemistries. Every year the catalog of available chemistries seems to grow, or they add levels and different ways to include them. However, they are missing some big opportunities.


Here are some chemistry ideas we’d love to see added to MUT.

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College football chemistries

GEAUX TIGERS: LSU chemistry could boost defense and strength related attributes

How cool would it be to add college team chemistries?

Why do this? It adds a whole new level of personalization to your Ultimate Team. Currently you can create your best possible Baltimore Ravens lineup, or Arizona Cardinals lineup, for example. Or you can focus on a program, such as Most Feared or Ultimate Feast.

Now imagine being able to create an All-LSU or All-Ohio State team, for example, and getting chemistry rewards for your players? It would add a genuinely new and exciting level to MUT chemistries.

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To include college chemistries, stadiums or team badges, for example, wouldn’t even need to concern NCAA eligibility rules that have prevented a full college football game being released. Considering the inclusion of the College Football Playoff into Madden 20 with real, licensed college teams, Madden clearly have the capability of adding more college to the game.

This has gotten me dreaming of a defense of the Bosa’s, Marshon Lattimore, Marcus Williams, Von Bell, Eli Apple, Denzel Ward, Malcolm Jenkins, Malik Hooker and Gareon Conley all being boosted by the Buckeyes

And while we’re at it, bring college stadiums and uniforms into Madden, too.

Division chemistries

BLUE COLLAR: Toughness, defense and the ground game rule the AFC North

It is fair to say that each division in the NFL has an identity. The AFC North is an old-school, ground and pound, physical defense division, while the NFC South is more about flare and finesse.

It would be a very cool addition to receive little boosts for assembling an ‘All-AFC North team’, which rewarded players with hit power, run blocking, trucking and tackling upgrades, for example.

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It would allow players to expand their team to accommodate more players from different teams, and be able to rely on that brand of football rather than only having generic system chemistries that may not fully suit the players in question.

Coaching trees

COACH BOOST: What would your favorite coach bring to your team?

Although my idea for this isn’t exactly a chemistry to add to each player, it is a chemistry to be added to your team.

In the NFL, every coach has a style, a character trait and an identity they instill in their team, why not add this to MUT? The main reason being coaches currently have very little importance in MUT. To many this may not be a big deal, but it feels like a wasted opportunity to add customization that’ll improve play for some, to a game mode based on customization.

Though Bill Belichick isn’t on MUT, if you selected the NE England coach you could power up your coach to give your team increased penalty discipline, awareness, play recognition and other fundamental skills. Or with Andy Reid you could receive a boost to pass blocking, pass accuracy, speed and agility.

Making coaches unique outside of their team chemistries will make them far more impactful on the game, and let each player fully customize their Ultimate Team experience.

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Remy Cabache