Madden 20: The best safeties on Ultimate Team (MUT) – McCourty, Randall, Joyner & more

How do you deal with OP QBs? With safeties. Here are the very best at locking down your opponents.

by Remy Cabache

In the eyes of many, the NFL is a passing league, and with various Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Mahomes, Julio Jones, DeAndre Hopkins and Travis Kelce cards available to tear apart a defense, the importance of dynamic defensive players has never been higher.

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Enter the safeties. Safeties have the potential to impact the game, unlike most other positions. Not only are they assets in defending the run, but the best can take away the entire deep portion of the field – see: Ed Reed.

To get close to the level Ed Reed reached during his career, you’ll want these safeties with the best coverage ratings, both man and zone, in MUT.

Devin McCourty, Series 3 Master (94 OVR)

Coverage ability: 90 MCV, 94 ZCV

Position: FS

Team Chemistry: New England Patriots

Auction House Value: Xbox – 1.8m/PS4 – 2.0m/PC – 1.5m

This McCourty card is unbelievably good. His ratings would make him one of the best cornerbacks in the game, but add that to a safety and he is a mismatch.

He has all of the physical tools you’ll need, with 89 speed, acceleration and agility, but he has 96 awareness, 96 play recognition, 87 pursuit, and 77 tackle. He will cover every blade of grass and is a very good tackler from the safety position.

Damarious Randall, Signature Series (92 OVR)

Coverage ability: 83 MCV, 92 ZCV

Position: FS

Team Chemistry: Cleveland Browns

Auction House Value: Xbox – 686k/PS4 – 730k/PC – N/A

Perhaps not a name you’d expect to see on here given the lack of national attention, but Randall has been very good for the Browns, and this version of his card is crazy good from the safety spot.

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With 88 speed, 90 awareness and 90 play recognition to go with his 92 zone coverage, you’ll have trouble getting a ball past him in the backend. Then add 90 pursuit and 76 tackling and it’ll be tough to run past him, too.

Lamarcus Joyner, MUT Heroes (91 OVR)

Coverage ability: 85 MCV, 90 ZCV

Position: FS

Team Chemistry: Oakland Raiders

Auction House Value: Xbox – 169k/PS4 – 151k/PC – 165k

Joyner was one of the marquee free agent acquisitions of the summer for the Raiders and the early returns have left him the recipient of a MUT Heroes card, which is one of the most versatile safeties in the game.

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He may only have 86 speed and be 5’8”, but with 87 jumping and the rest of his ratings he is a beast. 93 awareness and play recognition, crazy cover skills including 85 press, then 85 pursuit, 76 tackling and 82 hit power make him a great safety and slot cornerback.

Earl Thomas, Most Feared (92 OVR)

Coverage ability: 80 MCV, 94 ZCV

Position: FS

Team Chemistry: Baltimore Ravens

Auction House Value: Xbox – 238k/PS4 – 256k/PC – 251k

Earl Thomas has long been heralded as the best free safety in the game, excelling in the center fielder type role dominated by Ed Reed. This card reflects that.

Like Joyner, he has 86 speed and is ‘undersized’ at 5’10”, but you really don’t have to worry. 80 man coverage isn’t as high as others on this list, but it isn’t exactly bad. However, you should look to dominate with his zone coverage, 93 play recognition, 93 awareness, 89 jumping, 77 tackling and 85 power.

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He flies around the field making plays, this card is worth the coins.

Minkah Fitzpatrick, Team of the Week (91 OVR)

Coverage ability: 86 MVC, 88 ZCV

Position: FS

Team Chemistry: Pittsburgh Steelers

Auction House Value: Xbox – 235k/PS4 – 221k/PC – 246k

Fitzpatrick has been playing out of his mind since he was traded to the Steelers by the Dolphins, and he finally got the card he deserved with this TOTW 10 Defensive Hero.

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Fitzpatrick will thrive in man coverage in the slot or over the top in zone, and opponents will struggle to beat him. In large part due to his insane 94 play recognition, 89 speed and 92 acceleration. He reacts so quickly and flies to make a play. Tack on 85 pursuit, 67 tackling and 84 hit power and you’ve nothing to worry about in the run game.

The top coverage safeties in MUT

Player Position Team Program OVR MCV ZCV
Devin McCourty FS New England Patriots Series 3 Master 94 90 94
Damarious Randall FS Cleveland Browns Signature Series 92 83 92
Lamarcus Joyner FS Oakland Raiders MUT Heroes 91 85 90
Earl Thomas III FS Baltimore Ravens Most Feared 92 80 94
Minkah Fitzpatrick FS Pittsburgh Steelers TOTW 91 86 88
Eddie Jackson FS Chicago Bears Series Redux (Signature Series) 90 81 93
Jamal Adams SS New York Jets MUT Heroes 91 86 87
Jordan Poyer SS Buffalo Bills Ultimate Kickoff 89 83 90
Troy Polamalu SS Pittsburgh Steelers MUT 10 93 70 91
Ed Reed SS Baltimore Ravens Legends 91 80 90
Calvin Johnson FS Detroit Lions Series Redux (MUT 10) 92 77 91
Tyrann Mathieu FS Arizona Cardinals Flashbacks 90 85 83
Harrison Smith SS Minnesota Vikings MUT Superstars 89 79 89
Malik Hooker FS Indianapolis Colts MUT Heroes 90 79 88
Merton Hanks FS San Francisco 49ers Theme Diamonds 88 78 87
Tramon Williams FS Green bay Packers Veterans 84 81 84
Brian Dawkins FS Philadelphia Eagles Legends 91 75 89
Keanu Neal SS Atlanta Falcons Most Feared 90 79 85
Malcolm Jenkins SS New Orleans Saints Flashbacks 88 75 89
Micah Hyde FS Buffalo Bills Theme Builders 86 77 87

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Remy Cabache