Madden 20: Bargain running backs (HB/RB) in Ultimate Teams under 30,000 coins - Coleman, Williams, Allen & more

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Madden 20 has put a lot of emphasis on running the ball, and there are a number of MUT Solo Challenges that require you to pick up big chunks of yards on the ground.

However, the very best half back cards are well out of reach for most players. Sure, you can earn a couple of elite cards if you ace some of the longer missions, but for such an important position it can be hard to pick up a top-level running back this year.


That is where bargain hunting comes in.

There are some very good cards that can get you 85% of the production of a 90+ OVR card at a fraction of the cost.

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We have scoured the Auction House to find the best HB/RB cards that you should be able to get for under 30,000 coins.

Tevin Coleman, Most Feared (85 OVR)

Team Chemistry: San Francisco 49ers


Best Stats: Speed (89), Agility (88), Acceleration (87), Juke Move (86)

Auction House Cost: 24,400 coins

If you want a cheap speedster then this Tevin Coleman card is the one for you. His 89 speed is electric for MUT and just 3 off the fastest HB currently available (also a Coleman card).

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His acceleration (87) and juke move (86) will make a lot of defenders miss, but with just 72 trucking and 80 carrying be sure to avoid too many runs up the middle with him.

Damien Williams, MUT Heroes (85 OVR)


Team Chemistry: Kansas City Chiefs

Best Stats: Acceleration (86), Speed (85), Juke Move (84), Agility (83)

Auction House Cost: 24,900 coins

Damien Williams is a nice option at running back for any team thanks to his 86 acceleration and 84 juke move. He’s also got an 81 break tackle and solid 69 catch in traffic.

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He is a little overpriced for what he can do on the field, but if you are putting together a Chiefs-centric team or like to run to the outside and throw to the back he is a good option.

Marcus Allen, Legends (85 OVR)


Team Chemistry: Oakland Raiders

Best Stats: Speed (83), Agility (83), Spin Move (83), Carrying (82)

Auction House Cost: 23,100 coins

If you want a bit more force in your backfield then Marcus Allen’s 85 OVR Legends card is a good one to use.

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He has enough speed (83) to make yards, and the carrying (82) and trucking (78) to make some yards up the middle too. If you like to grind your opponents down and chew clock then Allen is a good back to use.

Gale Sayers, Legends (85 OVR)


Team Chemistry: Chicago Bears

Best Stats: Juke Move (84), Elusiveness (84), Break Tackle (83), Speed (83)

Auction House Cost: 24,000 coins

If frustrating defenses with broken tackles is your favorite thing to do then the 85 OVR Gale Sayers Legends card is a perfect one to use on a budget.

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With 84 juke move, 84 elusiveness, and 83 break tackle, he is tough for even higher OVR defenders to bring down. He isn’t much of a threat up the middle or as a receiver, but once the ball is in his hands Sayers can do a lot of damage.

Josh Jacobs, TOTW (85 OVR)


Team Chemistry: Oakland Raiders

Best Stats: Carrying (87), Acceleration (87), Trucking (82), Break Tackle (82), Speed (82)

Auction House Cost: 21,900 coins

Josh Jacobs may well end up winning Offensive Rookie of the Year this season, but until then you’ll have to use this TOTW card to get the best out of him.

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Jacobs is a bruiser, with 87 carrying and 82 trucking, but his 87 acceleration will let him pick up first downs and extra yards whenever there is space.

All the best HBs/RBs under 30,000 coins

Player Team Program OVR Cost
Tevin ColemanSan Francisco 49ersMost Feared8524.4K
Damien WilliamsKansas City ChiefsMUT Heroes8524.9K
Marcus AllenOakland RaidersLegends8523.1K
Gale SayersChicago BearsLegends8524K
Josh JacobsOakland RaidersTOTW8521.9K
Clinton PortisWashington RedskinsLegends8523.4K
Frank GoreBuffalo BillsVeterans8524K
Le’Veon BellNew York JetsCore Elite8524.3K
Jim BrownCleveland BrownsLegends8523.9K
Clinton PortisWashington RedskinsLegends8420.4K
Aaron JonesGreen Bay PackersTOTW8421.6K
Christian McCaffreyCarolina PanthersCore Elite8422.3K
Latavius MurrayNew Orleans SaintsTOTW8420.1K
Phillip LindsayDenver BroncosMUT Superstars8420.1K
Nick ChubbCleveland BrownsMUT Superstars8419.8K
Melvin GordonLos Angeles ChargersCore Elite8419.1K
Gale SayersChicago BrownsLegends8421.2K
Jim BrownCleveland BrownsLegends8422.2K