Madden 20: Best Pass Rushers Available in MUT – Aaron Donald, Kevin Greene, Julius Peppers & more

Crushing quarterbacks is key to victory, but finding the best QB killers can be tricky.

Many MUT players focus on building the biggest, fastest offense possible. However, that often comes at the expense of a weaker offensive line which can be exploited by a brutal, ferocious pass rush.

Finding the best pass rushers can be tricky in Madden. A lot depends on which base front you prefer, 3-4 or 4-3. Then there is the fact that pass rushing is broken into two main stats, power moves and finesse moves.

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In an ideal world you want someone that is balanced between the two, but often players are heavily weighted to either power or finesse.

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We have done the leg work of combining these two stats to find who the best pass rushers are in MUT right now.

Aaron Donald, MUT Heroes (92 OVR)

Pass Rush Stats: PMV (92), FMV (89)

Position: RE

Team Chemistry: Los Angeles Rams

Auction House Value: Xbox – 1M/PS4 – 1.1M/PC – 3M

Aaron Donald takes the top spot among pass rushers with his incredible combination of 92 power moves and 89 finesse moves.

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With all that comes 93 strength, 91 play recognition, 90 block shedding, and 85 acceleration. Donald is practically unstoppable, but boy do you pay for it, needing over 1 million coins to grab him from the Auction House. His identical Series Redux card is a little cheaper, but not by much.

Kevin Greene, Legends (91 OVR)

Pass Rush Stats: FMV (91), PMV (87)

Position: LOLB

Team Chemistry: Pittsburgh Steelers

Auction House Value: Xbox – 192K/PS4 – 215K/PC – 184K

This one may surprise you but when it comes to purely getting after quarterbacks then Kevin Greene’s top Legends card is among the best around.

The 91 finesse moves and 87 power moves come with 90 pursuit, 88 hit power, 87 strength, 85 acceleration. One downside is his 80 block shed, but if you just want someone to go after the QB then Greene can get it done.

He’s also fairly cheap in the Auction House considering his stats.

Julius Peppers, MUT 10 (92 OVR)

Pass Rush Stats: FMV (92), PMV (85)

Position: LE

Team Chemistry: Carolina Panthers

Auction House Value: Xbox – 890K/PS4 – 1M/PC – Unknown

The great Julius Peppers is next, boasting a massive 92 finesse move that is backed up by 85 power moves.

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If you are lucky enough to get your hands on his MUT LTD item then you can take the Power Up card to 92 OVR with 88 acceleration, 87 strength, and 84 block shedding, which makes him a game-changing defensive end for any team and worth his 1 million price tag.

John Randle, Legends (91 OVR)

Pass Rush Stats: FMV (91), PMV (86)

Position: DT

Team Chemistry: Minnesota Vikings

Auction House Value: Xbox – 404K/PS4 – 529K/PC – 950K

John Randle isn’t well known by many fans outside of Minnesota today, but the defensive tackle was a monster in his time, spending the 90s crushing Brett Favre and other quarterbacks as he played his way to 6 First-Team All-Pro spots.

His top Legends card is a beast. With 91 finesse moves and 86 power moves he is the best pass rusher from defensive tackle, and with 87 block shedding, 85 strength, and 85 acceleration he can play the run too.

DeMarcus Lawrence, MUT Superstars (89 OVR)

Pass Rush Stats: FMV (92), PMV (85)

Position: LE

Team Chemistry: Dallas Cowboys

Auction House Value: Xbox – 150K/PS4 – 146K/PC – 150K

DeMarcus Lawrence not only has 92 finesse moves and 85 power moves, but thanks to being a MUT Superstars card he has the Unstoppable Force X-Factor for you to activate and abilities like Edge Threat, Reach Elite, and Finesse Specialist at his disposal. All of which makes him deadly.

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Lawrence also has 88 awareness, 88 play recognition, 85 block shedding, and 85 pursuit.

All the best MUT pass rushers

Aaron DonaldRELos Angeles RamsMUT Heroes928992
Kevin GreeneLOLBPittsburgh SteelersLegends919187
Julius PeppersLECarolina PanthersMUT 10929285
John RandleDTMinnesota VikingsLegends919186
DeMarcus LawrenceLEDallas CowboysMUT Superstars899285
Lawrence TaylorROLBNew York GiantsLegends908789
Khalil MackLOLBChicago BearsUltimate Kickoff918590
Melvin IngramRELos Angeles ChargersMUT Heroes919481
JJ WattLEHouston TexansMUT Heroes918788
Kevin GreeneLOLBPittsburgh SteelersLegends899184
Calais CampbellLEJacksonville JaguarsMost Feared938688
Ed Too Tall JonesLEDallas CowboysLegends928490
Michael StrahanLENew York GiantsLegends898589
Joey BosaLELos Angeles ChargersHeavyweights879183
Everson GriffenREMinnesota VikingsSignature Series918291
DeForest BucknerDTSan Francisco 49ersUltimate Kickoff919281
Brandon GrahamREPhiladelphia EaglesTOTW908390
Reggie WhiteLEPhiladelphia EaglesLegends908390
Howie LongREOakland RaidersLegends918290
DeForest BucknerDTSan Francisco 49ersMUT Heroes909181
Jadeveon ClowneyROLBSeattle SeahawksMUT Heroes928090
Alan PageDTMinnesota VikingsLegends908882
Dee FordLESan Francisco 49ersHeavyweights888882

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