Madden 20 Ultimate Team: Best Pass Rushers in MUT - Series 5, TOTY, Ultimate Legends, Ghosts & more

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Most MUT players focus on creating the biggest, fastest offense possible. However, that often comes at the expense of a weaker offensive line which can be exploited by a brutal, ferocious pass rush.

Finding the best pass rushers can be tricky in Madden. A lot depends on which base front you prefer, 3-4 or 4-3. Then there is the fact that pass rushing is broken into two main stats, power moves and finesse moves.


In an ideal world you want someone that is balanced between the two, but often players are heavily weighted to either power or finesse.

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We have done the leg work of combining these two stats to find who the best pass rushers are in MUT right now.

Joey Bosa, Series 5 Master (97 OVR)

Joey Bosa master in mut

Pass Rush Stats: FMV (99), PMV (95)

Position: LE


Team: Los Angeles Chargers

Auction House Value: Xbox - 1.1m / PS4 - 1.2m / PC - Unknown

Series 5 has hit and with it a brand new Master to spend your trophies on.

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This Joey Bosa card is an absolute beast, with a perfect 99 finesse move and terrific 95 power move. He is perfect for a 4-3 defense as his 90 acceleration and 90 strength make him an overwhelming player on the edge.

Aaron Donald, Team of the Year (97 OVR)

Aaron Donald TOTY card in MUT

Pass Rush Stats: PMV (97), FMV (94)

Position: RE

Team: Los Angeles Rams

Auction House Value: Xbox - 331k / PS4 - 331k / PC - 440k

The defacto best defensive player in football is next up. Aaron Donald's stats weren't as high as usual in 2019, denying him a third-straight DPOTY award, but he still had a sensational season.

With 97 power move, 96 block shed, 94 finesse move and a ridiculous 98 strength he is an elite 3-4 defensive end that can survive on the edge if you insist on playing him there.

Warren Sapp, Ultimate Legends (97 OVR)

warren sapp ultimate legends card in mut

Pass Rush Stats: PMV (95), FMV (93)

Position: DT

Team: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Auction House Value: Xbox - 351k / PS4 - 342k / PC - 410k

The Ultimate Legends cards are here, and with them this amazing Warren Sapp card. The Bucs legendary defensive tackle is back in all his glory.

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Sapp brings an insane 93 acceleration and 93 strength combo that goes with 95 power moves, 95 block shed, and 93 finesse move.


Michael Strahan, Ghosts of Madden - Past (95 OVR)

Pass Rush Stats: PMV (96), FMV (91)

Position: LE

Team: New York Giants

Auction House Value: Xbox - 313k / PS4 - 315k / PC - 307k

Now that we are into 2020 and the Zero Chill series is over and the NFL Playoffs series is here, the best pass rusher in MUT goes to New York Giants icon Michael Strahan.


His 95 OVR Ghosts of Madden - Past card is a beast, with a massive 96 power moves and 91 finesse moves. Along with that comes 93 play recognition, 92 block shedding, and 88 acceleration. He will be a dominant force for any 4-3 team, and with 92 strength can more than hold his own in a 3-4.

Dee Ford, NFL Playoffs (95 OVR)

Pass Rush Stats: FMV (96), PMV (90)

Position: LE

Team: San Francisco 49ers

Auction House Value: Xbox - 308k / PS4 - 306k / PC - 369k


Another recent card that now sits atop the list of pass rushers is Dee Ford.

The 49ers defensive end brings an extremely strong combination of 96 finesse moves and 90 power moves. Those two are backed up by 86 speed, and 87 acceleration, 91 pursuit and 85 strength.

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He won't be as impressive against the run as Strahan, but when it comes to getting after the quarterback he is truly elite.

All the best MUT pass rushers

Player Position Team Program OVR FMV PMV
Joey BosaLELos Angeles ChargersMaster979995
Aaron DonaldRELos Angeles RamsTOTY979497
Warren SappDTTampa Bay BuccaneersUltimate Legends979395
Michael StrahanLENew York GiantsGhosts of Madden - Past959196
Dee FordLESan Francisco 49ersNFL Playoffs959690
Brandon GrahamREPhiladelphia EaglesSuper Bowl Past958996
John RandleDTMinnesota VikingsGhosts of Madden - Past959590
Bruce SmithREBuffalo BillsZero Chill959095
DeForest BucknerDTSan Francisco 49ersSuper Bowl Present969787
Joey BosaLELos Angeles ChargersHarvest929688
Khalil MackLOLBChicago BearsGhosts of Madden - Present959094
Nick BosaRESan Francisco 49ersNFL Honors969490
Everson GriffenREMinnesota VikingsTOTY958895
Reggie WhiteLEPhiladelphia EaglesNFL 100948994
JJ WattLEHouston TexansGhosts of Madden - Present959192
Lawrence TaylorROLBNew York GiantsNFL 100949192
Howie LongREOakland RaidersUltimate Legends968795
Chris JonesDTKansas City ChiefsSuper Bowl Present968795
Aaron DonaldRELos Angeles RamsMUT Heroes928992