Madden 20 Fan Appreciation LIVE: Week 3, earn free Golden Ticket player, Packs & more

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Week 3 of Fan Appreciation is here!

Madden Ultimate Team players are still waiting for promos like Position Heroes and MUT Loyalty, but now they can earn that coveted free Golden Ticket player.

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Fan Appreciation release date


Madden 20's Fan Appreciation promo started on Friday 15 May.

madden fan appreciation solos
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GET GRINDING: New solos are coming with a big reward


The final week of solo challenges and new packs have now landed in-game so players can earn the final stars needed to get that free Golden Ticket player.

Fan Appreciation content

There isn't much to do, but the reward is huge.

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These solo challenges mean any player can earn an OP 99 OVR card for free.

Once you get 120 stars you'll get a fantasy pack that will give you the choice of ANY Golden Ticket player. That's a huge Michael Vick, Lamar Jackson, or Julio Jones card. Or if you need defense there are the likes of Brian Dawkins and Keith Bulluck.

Fan Appreciation packs

There are also some store offers.

madden fan appreication packs
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For 50,000 coins you'll get a Fan Appreciation pack, with a bundle available for 2,200 points. This pack gets you one 86+ Draft player, an 86+ Ultimate Legend, and an 86+ Elite player.

Fan Appreciation II packs cost 70,000 coins and contain one 93+ Elite player, two 86+ Elite players, and two 82+ Elite players.

We expect the tier III packs to feature a truly elite card.

Fan Appreciation rewards

Along with that free Golden Ticket player you can earn a lot of coins and some extra players too.

madden fan appreciation rewards
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There's an 87 Theme Builders 2 player at 35 stars, and a 90 OVR Theme Builders 2 player at 75 stars.


You'll need 120 stars to earn your choice of Golden Ticket player, but with 150 stars in total to earn that should be pretty simple!

Journey 4 Master revealed

In error, MUThead revealed who the Journey 4 Master will be.

This player is now available in game even though Journey 4 has not yet launched. Read more about Journey 4 here.

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