Madden 20: The most OP offensive & defensive money plays for franchise mode & ultimate team

The first seven weeks of the season have only confirmed the importance of big, money plays to win games, and it is no different in Madden. NFL coaches have their favorites, so you'll need yours.

You can't use it on every snap, but being able to go to a trusty play for a big third-down or a key red-zone drive can be the difference between a playoff team and one that is watching at home in January.

No play is a guaranteed touchdown. And it should be said, that for every big play on offense there is usually a defensive equivalent but you can get an advantage against the average player by learning some plays below.

Keep them up your sleeve for that vital 3rd down attempt, on either side of the ball. To be successful with these plays you have to practice, practice, practice!

Here are the best money plays on Madden 20 found so far.

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Singleback Wing Flex Close - HB Stretch

Best Playbook - Raiders 

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A simple addition to the list, there isn't any trickery or adjustments needed with this play. The key is to be patient and not hit the run button until you see the gap. Focus on getting to the outside touchline and then look to juke back inside to beat the defender.

The other great thing about this play is the ability to flip it to either side to react to how the defense is setting up. Keep a lookout for the green markers on the center of the screen showing the better direction to run. This is a simple technique that is very hard to stop consistently, and if a player does overcompensate against you, this will create holes elsewhere.

Singleback Wing Flex Close - Four Verticals

Best Playbook - Raiders/Colts/Cardinals

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The first thing to note with this play is that it's on the cheesy end of money plays, which makes it a likely candidate to be used a lot in MUT early before being reduced in power by EA in a patch update.

The outside receivers on this play (X/■ and RB/R1) moves about 5 yards outside before starting to track upfield. Just by learning the timing correctly, it is possible to keep getting 10 yard gains against a Cover 2 with little effort. To get even better gains, motion the players (B/Circle, choose player and then hit Left or Right on LS to move them) and snap mid-motion. If the defender is too close for this to be possible, it's likely to be a Cover 1 and then that opens up the chance to a well-timed ball over the top.

If reading a Cover 3 defense then, notice that the seam route (A/X) will be open deep. It really does have an option for every defense.

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Shotgun Cluster HB STR - Mesh Post

Best Playbook - Cardinals 

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1. Streak the slot receiver (Y/▲ + RB/R1 + Up LS) on the right and put the 2. inside receiver on the right in an out route (Y/▲ + B/Circle + Right LS) to the sideline. 3. Throw to the receiver on the outside (Hold B/Circle + Right LS) when he cuts to the sideline and lead throw using direction. Practice the timing to perfection.

The other receiver will block the CB downfield. This play won't work when the CB is in flats so that is your only read.

3-4 Odd - Pinch Buck 0

Best Playbook - Lions/Ravens/Patriots 

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This is a great general formation to prevent both rush and pass. It balances having a lot of larger players on the line, but without compromising too much in pass coverage. The Pinch Buck O is a great play within this formation that brings incredibly pressure - quickly.

With this approach, all you need to do is 1. base align (Y/▲ + Right LS) then 2. show blitz (Y/▲ + Left LS). And finally, set the 3. edge to contain (LB/L1 + RB/R1).

This is a risky play as it leaves all you in man coverage and 1-on-1, but most of the time the pressure is so quick that your opponent is going to have to know how to avoid pressure in seconds to beat the sack.

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3-4 Odd - Engage Eight

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Best Playbook - Bears 

Just this play. The beauty of this is the pure pressure without having to do much thinking. Use this to keep your opponent on their toes. As it leaves players open in coverage, it should always be used sparingly, but when catching someone out it can be powerful.

I like to move the big DT a little to spread the defensive line evenly, but this isnt required.

Making sure you user a defensive back, you will disrupt none of the rushing lanes and let the CPU do the hard work for you.

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3-4 Base - Cover 4 Drop Show 2

Best Playbook - Bears 

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1. Base align with your corners (Y/▲ + Right LS), and opt to 2. show corners blitz (Y/▲ + Left LS). 3. Blitz all linebackers (Right Dpad + Down RS), but 4. manually control one linebacker and use them to cover the middle of the field

This is another great blitz approach, but the only way to prevent some big gains is by good user play, so again this requires repetitive practice - particularly with the quick adjustments needed. Watch out for opponents quick snap.

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All these money plays are great to take into the new series of Madden Ultimate Team. You can learn everything you need to know about Series 4 here.

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