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Madden 20: EA MUST rate Nick Bosa & the 49ers defense higher

Another week, another San Francisco 49ers win. They are perhaps the most shocking team of the season, but their run of form isn’t going to end any time soon, and Madden 20 needs to give them a boost. Now.

The most surprising aspect of the 49ers success is their defense. You wouldn’t have been blamed for calling it the weak link of this team before Week 1, but through eight weeks of the season it has grown to be their strength.

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It’s time they get the Madden recognition they deserve – along with Defensive Rookie of the Year favorite, Nick Bosa.



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The biggest part of the 49ers defense is the defensive line, boasting four first round picks from the last five years, plus Dee Ford. However, Nick Bosa, this year’s second overall pick, is the cream of the crop.

Bosa was 78 OVR at launch, and is now up to 84 OVR, yet he should climb even higher. The rookie is leading the team in sacks and is already becoming an every down type player for the 9ers. Considering he was playing through an ankle sprain during Weeks 1 and 2, his production is even more impressive.


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Against the Panthers he had the type of
game that will be used during award season as the point Bosa announced himself.
He had three sacks, three tackles for loss, three QB hits and an interception
that saw him shed a cut block before leaping and intercepting Kyle Allen.

He is currently the 11th best right end in Madden, but is tied for seventh in sacks (a group that includes his older brother, Joey) and is showing to be on par or better than players like Justin Houston (87 OVR), Trey Flowers (87 OVR), or Kawann Short (85 OVR).

Bosa absolutely deserves a boost into the 86 OVR type range.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

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Right now the 49ers defense is rated 81 OVR
in Madden. That’s it. The team ranks
second in points allowed per game (11 PPG), first in total yards per game
(224.4 YDS), first in passing yards per game (128.7 PYDS), and 11th in rushing yards per game (95.7 RYDS).


For comparison, the 88 OVR Patriots defense allows 7.6 PPG, 234 YDS (second), 148.8 PYDS (second), and 85.2 RYDS (fourth). The two defenses are so similar in production and yet so far apart in rating.

The 49ers defense is rivaling the 1985 Bears and 2000 Ravens defenses in terms of production but are not nearly rated accordingly.

The key to their defense is they play so well as a unit. They aren’t relying on a few superstars to do the heavy lifting. As a result, a number of players on the 49ers defense deserve upgrades.

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Give these guys an upgrade

Arik Armstead, one of many difference makers on the defensive line, is 79 OVR but his 5.5 sacks and value in the ground game mean he deserves to be a point or two better.

DJ Jones, listed as the 49ers’ starting DT alongside DeForest Buckner, is just 69 OVR and has played too big a role and made too much of an impact to be that lowly rated.


Fred Warner, 80 OVR, at MLB is one of the most underrated linebackers in the NFL. He may not be leading the lead in tackles, but his play recognition and discipline are so good, he is the heart of the defense and has it running beautifully.

While we're at it, you can absolutely include Jimmie Ward (76 OVR, FS), Jaquiski Tartt (81 OVR, SS), Kwon Alexander (80 OVR, LOLB) and Dre Greenlaw (68 OVR, ROLB) on that list, too.

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