Best plays in Madden 23 and the offensive playbooks that have them

How ever you're looking to compete, using the best plays in Madden 23 is key to ensuring some offensive dominance.

We've got details on the top five best plays in Madden 23 and which offensive playbooks will give you access to them.

Best Plays in Madden 23

While there are plenty of different ways to win in Madden 23, some offensive plays can go the extra mile to securing that victory.

You'll never pick up the victory without managing to score, and some of the best playbooks in the game are packed with options.

Best Plays in Madden 23
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Here are the top five best plays in Madden 23:

Gun Bunch Offset - Z Spot

Z Spot can be found in offensive playbooks from the Cincinnati Bengals, Indianapolis Colts, Philadelphia Eagles, Los Angeles Rams, and Minnesota Vikings.

Best Plays in Madden 23
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Many of the plays we'll look at here require some adjustments, but this versatile option is ready to go without any changes.

With a slant, corner, and flat route being used this is a valuable option to break down the defense and find an opening near or far.

Gun Tight - PA Cross (or PA Bucs Cross)

PA Bucs Cross is only found in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers playbook, but the identical PA Cross play is in the Washington Commanders, New York Jets, and Detroit Lions playbooks.

Best Plays in Madden 23
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You will want to make one change by adjusting your tight end on a streak route and generally want to throw to the short side of the field.

If you're facing a blitz, the long side receiver can be motioned in before a quick snap to create an extra blocker and allow for a bit more time to execute the play.

Singleback Bunch Ace - Four Verticals

A staple for years, Four Verticals from the Singleback Bunch Ace formation can be found in the offensive playbooks of the Buffalo Bills, Cleveland Browns, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Washington Commanders, New York Giants, New England Patriots, Las Vegas Raiders, and the West Coast playbook.

Best Plays in Madden 23
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Like the previously mentioned Z Spot, you won't have to do any adjustments before snapping the ball.

If your opponent's farthest right cornerback steps back or to the outside it often opens up your farthest right receiver, but if they counter that others should be open.

Gun Y Off Trips (Pats Y Trips) - TE Whip

One extra powerful option, TE Whip, is isolated to either the Gun Y Off Trips formation in the Las Vegas Raiders playbook or the Pats Y Trips formation in the New England Patriots playbook.

Best Plays in Madden 23
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Make sure to run TE Whip to the wide side of the field, put your farthest right receiver into a fade route, then move the receiver just left of him into a slant route before having him move a few steps inside right before snapping the ball.

This should leave someone wide open for the pass and can pick up big yardage with a few key broken tackles.

Gun Bunch - Clearout FL In

Finally, the play Clearout FL In can only be found in the Gun Bunch formation from the Washington Commanders playbook which can be devastating in MUT 23.

Best Plays in Madden 23
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You'll need a player with Slot Apprentice in the right outside position that is swapped to a corner route, which is the key piece of this puzzle.

If you want to crank it up even more, get a player with Outside Apprentice in the far left position on a C Route to make this one extra deadly.

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