Madden 23 Ultimate Team: Team of the Week & AKA Items in MUT

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Madden 23 Ultimate Team continues to provide us with a lot of cards and packs to choose from, the latest being the AKA Packs.

Not only are these cards pretty great options to have on your MUT 23 squad but they have a cool aesthetic as nicknames will be on the back of their jersey.

Here's what you need to do to have a strong lineup in Season 1.

UPDATE - AKA Packs in MUT 23

The AKA Packs feature some pretty great cards and our favorite of the group is the Madden 23 Ultimate Team Ryan Fitzmagic 90 OVR card.

If you aren't looking for a strong starting quarterback, perhaps the 90 OVR Marshawn Lynch "Beast Mode" card is a better option.

Madden 23 Ultimate Team
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BEAST MODE: Add one of the best running backs in NFL history to your lineup

The packs come in at 2,800 Training Points for a Jumbo Elite AKA Pack or you can buy the Early Bird pack for 1,050 in Madden 23 Ultimate Team.

Looking for a bundle of the AKA Packs in MUT? For 12K Training, you can grab the 4X AKA Jumbo Elite Bundle, which features:

  • 4X Jumbo Elite Packs
  • 2X 87+ OVR AKA Players
  • 2X 82+ OVR AKA Players

To check out the ratings for the Ryan "Fitzmagic" card in MUT, head here.

Madden 23 Release Date

The release date of Madden 23 is set for Friday, August 19, 2022. At the time of writing, we're a little over two months away.

The good news is that placing a pre order could get you three days of early access. However, this is only available on the All Madden Edition.

Madden 23 Ultimate Team
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ALTERNATE EDITIONS: The All Madden Edition is delivering a ton of rewards

Here are the rewards for placing a pre order on the Madden 23 Standard Edition:

  • Choice of 2 Elite Players (1 Offensive & 1 Defensive) in Madden 23 Ultimate Team
  • All Madden Gear to use in Madden 23 Ultimate Team and The Yard
  • Madden Strategy Item in Madden 23 Ultimate Team

Now that we've taken a look at these pre order rewards, let's see how FieldSENSE and other gameplay mechanics could impact your experience when the game comes out.

Madden 23 Ultimate Team Features

With Madden 23 Ultimate Team quickly approaching, we got our first look at the game mode with the latest Gridiron Notes.

Now, the paragraph on MUT 23 wasn't very long, but we did see a small portion on the MUT Champions. We'll attach the full debriefing from EA below.

Madden 23 Ultimate Team
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BUILD YOU SQUAD: Burrow could be a great QB to start your MUT 23 team with

Here's the full release of Madden 23 Ultimate Team from the Gridiron Notes by EA on June 2, 2022.

"Develop your dream fantasy roster of current NFL superstars, Hall of Fame legends, and more. Always have something to play for with the first-ever Field Pass challenge and reward tracker in Madden Ultimate Team™. Play to earn MUT Champions entry tokens and choose to compete at your convenience. Simplified Set building lets you navigate your content binder more effectively so you can focus on improving your Ultimate Team roster all season."

Now, one thing that will make a big difference in MUT 23 is FieldSENSE, a new game mode that is exclusive to next gen systems.

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Gameplay features in Madden 22

During the recent reveal trailer of Madden 23, we learned about a new feature called FieldSENSE. This could be a huge part of MUT 23 as well.

We'll go into a little detail on FieldSENSE below. However, the first thing we'll show you is the actual reveal trailer for the game.

Here's a little bit from the EA Gridiron Notes on Madden 23 about FieldSENSE:


  • Hit Everything: Redefining defensive pursuit, new Hit Everything mechanics let you be more disruptive on defense. New animation branching technology in Madden NFL 23 enables next-gen Hit-Stick physics so you can perform mid-air knockouts, hit the pile to assist in tackles already in progress, blow up blocks, and force turnovers with stand up tackles.
  • Skill-Based Passing: Lead your receivers open, drop back-shoulder throws into tight windows, and place every pass where only your receiver can catch it with surgical accuracy thanks to this all-new way to pass. Skill-based passing introduces a new accuracy reticle and passing meter.

To learn more about FieldSENSE and the rest of the Madden 22 gameplay features, follow this link.

Top 10 Safeties in MUT 23

Each day we're going to receive more Madden 23 Ultimate Team reveals. Yesterday it was the top ten running backs at launch and today it was the safeties.

Leading the charge is Kevin Byard, who came in as an 88 OVR card and the Tennessee Titans got another safety in the top ten, Amani Hooker.

Madden 23 Ultimate Team
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BYARD 88 OVR: Get ready for more MUT 23 reveals this week

Other notable safeties filling out the Madden 23 Ultimate Team top ten are Harrison Smith, Derwin James Jr., and Jessie Bates III.

Check out the top ten safeties (at launch) in MUT 23:

  • Kevin Byard (FS) - 88 OVR - Tennessee Titans
  • Jessie Bates III (FS) - 87 OVR - Cincinnati Bengals
  • Adrian Phillips (FS) - 87 OVR - New England Patriots
  • Amani Hooker (SS) - 86 OVR - Tennessee Titans
  • Derwin James Jr. (SS) - 85 OVR - Los Angeles Chargers
  • Justin Simmons (FS) - 85 OVR - Denver Broncos
  • Jordan Poyer (SS) - 84 OVR - Buffalo Bills
  • Harrison Smith (SS) - 84 OVR - Minnesota Vikings
  • Jeremy Chinn (FS) - 84 OVR - Carolina Panthers
  • Jayron Kearse (SS) - 84 OVR - Dallas Cowboys

The top ten cornerbacks to kick off MUT 23 were also revealed today, follow this link to check them out.

Top 10 MUT 23 RBs

Revealed in Madden 23 Ultimate Team today is the top 10 running backs to kick off MUT 23. Leading the group is none other than Derrick Henry.

Henry comes in with an 88 OVR, leading all of the running backs that were revealed today. It makes sense considering he nearly made the 99 Club.

Madden 23 Ultimate Team
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TOP MUT RB: At the moment, Derrick Henry leads all MUT 23 running backs.

Following closely behind Henry is another AFC South running back, Jonathan Taylor. It's no surprise that these two are one and two in the ratings.

Here's the top ten list of running backs in Madden 23 Ultimate Team:

  • Derrick Henry - 88 OVR - Tennessee Titans
  • Jonathan Taylor - 87 OVR - Indianapolis Colts
  • Nick Chubb - 86 OVR - Cleveland Browns
  • Dalvin Cook - 85 OVR - Minnesota Vikings
  • Christian McCaffrey - 84 OVR - Carolina Panthers
  • Alvin Kamara - 84 OVR - New Orleans Saints
  • Austin Ekeler - 84 OVR - Los Angeles Chargers
  • Joe Mixon - 83 OVR - Cincinnati Bengals
  • Najee Harris - 83 OVR - Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Cordarrelle Patterson - 82 OVR - Atlanta Falcons

To learn more about today's reveals and the upcoming content schedule for Madden 23 Ultimate Team, follow this link.

MUT 23 Headliners (first set)

One of the best ways to keep your Madden 23 Ultimate Team competitive is by making sure you have the best cards.

This weekend, the two new Headliners are Jalen Hurts and Demarcus Lawrence, each of these cards is an 89 OVR and will make a great MUT 23 addition.

Madden 23 Ultimate Team
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NEW HEADLINERS: Check out two of the latest MUT 23 cards

We haven't been able to add either of these cards to our own Madden 23 Ultimate Team lineup but we've seen the Jalen Hurts card in action and it looks fantastic.

To learn more about these cards and their MUT 23 ratings, head here.

Headliners Set 2


Several High Gold cards and a few 82+ OVR cards were brought to the Madden 23 Ultimate Team platform today, giving you the chance to grab better items.

Our favorite of the group is the 89 OVR Jevon Holland, who is likely one of the best options at the Free Safety position this month.

Madden 23 Ultimate Team
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NEW CARDS: Check out all of the latest Madden 23 Ultimate Team cards

Not long ago, there were several more Headliners added to the MUT 23 platform and now we have some additional challenges to go along with it.

If you'd like to check out these new cards, follow this link for our full breakdown.

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