Madden 21: How to run read-option plays and keep the defense guessing

The option used to be resigned to College teams focused on running the ball.

But in the last couple of years, the 'option' play has grown in the NFL with the increase in mobile QBs.

If you want another way of confusing the opponent in Madden 21 and getting an edge on the defense, get a mobile QB, and learn these plays.

Read Option Plays - What Are They?

Option plays are what they say on the tin.

The QB starts off with the ball at the snap, and one or more running backs will run by the QB, giving your passer the opportunity to pitch the ball, or keep it and run with it.

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If you want to have success with the read option plays, you need to learn the 'read' part.

Before the snap, hold the right trigger to bring up the play art, and you'll see a symbol hovering above the players that you need to consider.

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The standard options give a single choice of either a pitch or a handoff, against keeping on the QB run.

The more complex triple-option allows for a choice of all 3, which gives more chances to break a big play but it is also harder to pull off.

The best playbook for Option plays is the Baltimore Ravens.

To find the plays, go to Play Type on the play selection screen, then scroll right until you get to Option.

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Remember, you need a fast QB to make it worthwhile.

How to run an option play

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  • Hold A/X to hand off option (Read R defender)
  • Press LB/L1 to pitch option (Read P defender)
  • Sometimes there is a 2nd player to pitch and it will be RB/R1 (the icon will appear above their head)
  • Press nothing to keep with QB

Read option plays are about timing, waiting until the right defender bites on the ball and reacting in advance.

You need agile and quick players to carry this off.

As with all plays in Madden, it's a balance of risk and reward and will require plenty of practice but can unlock huge yardage and frustrate opponents.

Quarterbacks like Lamar Jackson, Russell Wilson, and Kyler Murray are perfect for option plays, but remember that your quarterback is going to take more hits with these plays so injuries can play a factor here.

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Fumbles are also more likely with these plays, especially the speed option which involves a pitch rather than a hand-off.

A bad read can lead to a big loss of yards so get plenty of practice in before you add this play to your repertoire.

The benefits of the option

The quarterback is not involved in most running plays, making it a 10 vs 11 play for the offense.

The option adds the quarterback back into the equation.

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The successful use of an option play early on with a mobile quarterback will impact an opponent for the rest of the game.

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BETTER THAN MOST RBs: Lamar Jackson has changed the game

Every zone run or pistol formation suddenly carries another dimension to it that will slow their reads and make them hesitant to come barreling downhill for the running back.

It makes plays like inside zone runs more effective as it looks like an option and forces the defense to wait for a split-second, opening a hole for your back.

These aren't plays you can run with any quarterback though. Tom Brady and Philip Rivers would not run a successful option.

You have to pick and choose your moments carefully with it and make sure you have the right personnel to use the play.

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