Madden 21 Slide: How to QB Slide - Controls, Bug fixes in September Title Update & more

Offense in football has evolved, and the role of the QB has gone with it.

Now more than ever, you'll need to get mobile as a QB in Madden 21, and that means mastering the QB slide.

How to Slide in Madden 21

Sliding is important in Madden 21 to protect your QB and the football as a great way to avoid a fumble in tense moments.

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BREAK DOWN THE DEFENSE: Sliding will protect your QB in spots where you have to run to expose holes in the defense

With the recent September Title Update, the QB slide is easier than ever to pull off.

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To slide with your QB in Madden 21 after the patch, simply tap your dive button (x, or square) twice in a row.

Madden 21 September Title Update

The Madden 21 September Title Update also improved the QB slide in another way.

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NEW CONTENT IS IN: The newest Madden Title Update is a big one!

Along with offering tons of gameplay improvements across the board, the update got rid of a bug which allowed QB's to be tackled during their slide, resulting in a chance to fumble.

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With this bug gone, and slide controls simpler than ever, it's a very potent weapon in Madden 21 that players will need to master the timing of.

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