Madden 21 Best Offensive Play: An unstoppable play with only one audible

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Madden 21 has been out a month, and we have already had more than a few patches!

Regardless of the reaction to the game, the guys at have been hard at work finding the plays that will make the difference to your game.


The first offensive play that the pro's are using is already here.

The play you have been waiting for is here. The base play, with only one audible yet has multiple options that mean no matter what the defense does there is always someone free.

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We always say to practice before you get into live games with this, it still requires good timing but the play will be there to be had.

Double Post

double post madden 21

Playbook – Carolina Panthers


Formation – Gun

Group – Bunch Offset

Play – Double Post

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Although this play can be used with a lot of plays with three defensive linemen so practice this in other formations and plays to see how it goes.

Only one audible

It is rare for such a money play to only have one audible, but this is.

double post madden 21 playart

It’s important to follow the right order;

  1. Make sure you have your bunch lined up on the wide side of the field – your group of three receivers should be on the side of the field with more space. If they aren't then flip the play.
  2. Put the RB/R1 receiver in a drag – press Y/triangle, then RB/R1 and then down on the RS

As you play, you can use the short RB/R1 and Y/triangle routes that are difficult to stop without shading underneath.

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This forces their coverage down and opens up the huge plays to the B/circle route. Throw it on the break of that route, and it will be impossible to defend.

If you see a Cover 3 zone defense then the X/square receiver suddenly becomes a monster play that's wide open.

This one play works great against virtually all defenses. There will always be one route wide open.


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