Madden 21: Top 5 Offensive Playbooks - Run or Pass through opponents

With Madden 21 having been released over a month ago, we now have a real feel for the playbooks and which are working best.

Scoring is huge in Madden, and lets face it, offense is the fun side of the ball.

So which playbooks are the best for different scenarios?


Best versatile playbook

Look out for: I-form Close, Strong Close, Trips TE, Bunch Quads

Jon Gruden went to the Las Vegas Raiders and with him he took his notorious reputation for ingenious play calling.

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He's not afraid to try something new and it's very clear from the Raiders playbook in madden 21.

There are lots of different formations to choice from, and this versatility makes it very popular.

Regardless of your style of play, you will find the Raiders playbook to your liking.

Last year's Maddenbowl champion, Joke, ran this playbook - without even throwing a pass.


Best balanced playbook

Look out for: Singleback Doubles, I-Form Tight, Ace Slot Offset

Using the genius of the Patriots, this is a playbook thats designed for every scenario.

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NEW HERO?: Cam has meant changes to the Patriots playbook

With the arrival of Cam Newton, it actually has some more mobility to it with some plays designed for option plays.

Focused on short passes, with multiple potential receivers, this is a very balanced playbook.

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With 16 different shotgun options, there's scope to hit every part of the field with every kind of route.


Best passing playbook

Look out for: Singleback Doubles, Taysom Slot, Gun Bunch, Empty Saint

This playbook is really designed for pass-heavy players who want a lot of variety.

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The options for passing really do help you score big points, and you can limit how many picks you throw then you will be winning games easily with this playbook.

Don't forget you also get the unique plays designed for Taysom Hill as a 2nd QB on the field.


Best rushing playbook

Look out for: Singleback Ace, I-Form Close, Shotgun Tight, Shotgun Bunch Wide

This formation has multiple run-heavy sets that are designed to make the most of teams that have more than one lead rusher.

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SUPER BOWL: 49ers used this playbook to get to the big game

The beauty of the playbook is how this also sets up play-action passing and there's plenty of options for this.

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If you are going to grind the ball, and control the clock, then this playbook is for you.

With 8 different options for Singleback, you have something to break down the D-line from every angle.


Bestmobile QB playbook

Look out for: Singleback Deuce Close, Pistol Bunch, Trips TE flex, Monster Stack

This playbook is the go to option if you have a mobile QB.

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GAME CHANGER: Lamar has changed the position

It has plenty of Read Option plays that can get the QB's legs into the game in designed runs.

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There are plenty of heavy running plays but at the same time 17 different shotgun formations to choose from.

Live Playbooks

Remember if you have live playbooks turned on you will get updates to the above based on actual NFL performances.

In Madden 21, this is a new functionality that aims at keeping the game up to date with what you are seeing any given Sunday.

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