Madden 21: Blitz Guide - How to get sacks in any formation

The NFL season has week 2 in the bag, and Madden 21 has been out nearly a month.

Pass rush is big in Madden 21 and the team at has managed to crack the code for getting sacks from the blitz in any formation.

Let’s get at it.

How to get blitz pressure from any formation

Follow these simple steps to get blitz pressure with a high chance of sacks. You don't need a team of superstar pass rushers like Joey Bosa or Aaron Donald.

Make sure you select a play with edge blitz

If you have a formation that is nickel/dime/dollar then you need at least one CB blitzing. If you are in 3-4/4-3/46 then you need at least one edge LB.

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EVEN UP THE SCORE: There's so much talent on offense, this can level up the playing field

Pick a play that has that already available, preferable a zone play. You should be able to count five defenders blitzing in the base play.

Press your coverage

Press Y/Triangle and down the D pad

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This moves the coverage to the line of scrimmage. If it is a nickel blitz, then you can move them a little closer to the edge too.

Put user MLB/S into blitz and move to LOS

When using the player, press right on the D pad and down the RS

This will then look like a six-man heavy rush and mean that all OL blocking has a man-on-man scenario.

Fake pressure with your user and peel back into coverage

Just a tap engagement to the OL blocker is enough to have him lock onto your player.

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HEAVY PRESSURE: The QB won't know what has hit him until its too late

This locks the OL on the block for long enough that all OL have a man assignment apart from your edge blitzer, who will go unblocked.

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At the same time, you can still get back to cover the pass over the middle to prevent giving up easy yardage to the short throw, and maybe even get an interception.

Exercise Caution

This requires a lot of practice to make sure you don't give up short throws.

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Also, if you overuse this tactic then good players will adjust and find some short slants or flats to try and beat it.

You should always user a player on a short zone, you wont be able to cover deep in the field.

But if you master this technique, you will have an ace up your sleeve for the 3rd down play where you really need a stop.

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