Madden 21: Passing Guide - 9 tips to be unstoppable through the air

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Madden 21 is here.

Despite a lot of mixed feedback, there are plenty of players wanting to dominate franchise, MUT, and The Yard.

These tips will help you pass all over the opposition on your way to a Lombardi Trophy.

How to pass in Madden 21

Passing is a huge part of Madden. Theres no quicker way of getting the ball down the field.

We know how important rushing can be, but to have a balanced offense you need to pass well too.

Whether you are a pocket passer like Patrick Mahomes or a scrambling genius like Lamar Jackson - there comes a point you have to sit back and throw to win games.

Here's how.

Set your feet in the pocket

It takes time to get comfortable with this, but setting your feet before you throw drastically improves the accuracy of whatever QB you are using.

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HAPPY FEET: Whoever you have at QB, be calm

When you throw on the run, across your body or on the back foot - Madden 21 applies hefty penalties to accuracy.

Many players keep dropping backwards to avoid the pressure, but this affects both accuracy and means your pass needs to be even longer than needed.

Ironically, just like the NFL you should step into the pocket. Set your feet, then pass.

Learn the low pass

Press LT/L2 whilst pressing the receiver button to pass.

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This is an underused pass modifier that makes it really difficult for the opponent to pick off your passes.

In short routes, its a must use. You give up yards after catch, but you're going to protect the ball and not have easy turnovers.

Learn the high pass

Press LB/L1 whilst pressing the receiver button to pass.

This is useful for redzone scores, particularly with big physical receivers. If you have a player like Julio Jones then this modifier is needed to make the most of him.

This will put the ball up into a high point, where the player can go up and get it using an aggressive jump.

Use Pass Leading

Use the LS in the direction you want the pass to lead the receiver.

If the QB throws where the player was, they have to stop to a halt or come back behind and risk an interception.

madden 21 tom brady
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Good QBs throw into the space where the receiver can run onto the ball, and the same applies in Madden 21.

But make sure you set your feet (this is why its tip number 1) because if you don't there's a chance you will overthrow the lead pass.

Utilize Checkdowns

Don't try to score on every play.

The TE and HB checkdowns are your pressure valve. If you have an easy five yards, you should take it all day as it only takes two of these to move the chains.

One of the biggest issues with new players, is trying to score on every play. Be patient.

Think about your blocking schemes

In Madden 21 you can shift your line to either side, or pinch together to try and help buy some more time.

But knowing how to put a TE or HB into blocking is key.

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If you are getting hit, or you can see they are rushing six defenders against your five OL, then do something about it. React.

Use the double team option if you're going against a star like Aaron Donald.

Have at least one of these routes

In, Out, Drag.

These routes nearly always get some kind of separation and are perfect for building up steam.

The sharp cuts on them always do well to create space and can be used in a checkdown manner. But even then, they can lengthen to get first downs fairly easily too.

Learn how to audible these into whatever play you have chosen.

Throw the ball away

Push RS in.

Don't be a hero.

This will happen and there will be times you need to throw the ball away.

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You need to be outside the pocket to avoid intentional grounding, but its much better to lose a down than take a sack and risk a fumble or interception at the same time.

Learn your players strengths

The Superstar and X-Factor abilities are new for the last couple of Maddens but in Madden 21 they have really stepped up in importance.

madden 21 rodgers xfactor
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GAMBLER: Know what your guy is good at

They can make a huge difference to how players react in game so make the most of it.

More generally, know what kind of QB and receivers you have. If you have a pocket passing QB, then don't try to move around behind the line of scrimmage too much.

If you are playing with Lamar Jackson, then getting to the outside of the pocket to make space is going to be a lot easier and a potential advantage.

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