Madden 21 Money Play: How to beat any defensive coverage EVERY TIME

The first Madden 21 Money Play is already here.

The game only came out on early release earlier this week but the guys at have already released a killer play on their YouTube.

This play can beat pretty much any defense with minimal audibles.

Let's get at it.

Gun Wing Slot Offset

madden 21 money play
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Playbook – Seattle Seahawks

Formation – Gun

Group – Gun Wing Slot Offset

Play – PA Double Post

The key audibles on this play are very simple, but they change slightly depending on the coverage you are facing.

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Having a mobile QB and a fast WR is going to make this play even more deadly, so Lamar Jackson and Marquise Brown of the Ravens are pretty much perfect for it.

Cover 2

In this situation you only need to make two audibles;

  1. Set B receiver into block to buy you extra protection on the right side.
  2. Set the Y receiver into a flat route to get the attention of the FS
madden 21 money play pa double
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Then when the play develops, roll your QB to the right to allow the X receiver to get up the field. You will see the player go past the FS and in behind the SS for an easy TD deep.

Cover 3 or 4

Yous still only need to make two audibles but a little more complex;

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  1. Set B receiver in motion to the left side and put into an option route
  2. Set the Y receiver into a flat route to get the attention of the FS
madden 21 money play cover 3
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With this scenario, you don't need to roll, but keep your place in the pocket and watch the FS take the Y route, the MLB take the B route and A will be wide open for the big gain.

As always, if you use this play too much, good players will learn how to stop it – so use it for the big plays you need when chasing the game.

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