LoL: Why is Hwei disabled?

Hwei Splash Art
Credit: Riot Games

League of Legends fans came across an unusual message when they entered the LoL client today. Hwei, LoL latest champion, has been disabled for an undisclosed amount of time, meaning fans won't be able to play with him on ranked or casual games.

This caught fans by surprise with many wondering why Hwei was disabled, and when will the "Visionary" champion return. If you are looking for the answers to both questions, you have come to the right place.

So without further ado, let's find out why Hwei is currently disabled and when he might be coming back.

Why is Hwei disabled?

According to the Riot Games developers, Hwei was disabled due to "in-game issues", and the team is "currently working on resolution".

Many fans speculate that the "in-game issues" in question have to do with Hwei skillshots going the opposite direction players are aiming them at when the champion is affected by a knouckup.

LoL Hwei Splash Art
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Credit: Riot Games

Unfortunately, plenty of players have experienced this bug, which can have a huge impact on the outcome of a game. So we wouldn't be surprised if this was one of if not the main reason developers temporarly disabled the champion.

It's good to see that LoL developers were fast to spot this issue and are currently working on fixing it. However, there could also be other issues the developers are also working on and that we aren't aware of.

When is Hwei coming back?

Unfortunately, we still don't exactly when Hwei is coming back. The champion was disabled more than 24 hours ago, and we still don't have a time frame for his return.

We know the developers are working on fixing his "in-game issues", but we have no idea when those will be solved. With the recent Riot Games layoffs, its possible that the LoL developing team will take a little more time than ussual to fix the issues.

LoL Hwei
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Credit: Riot Games
Winterblessed Hwei

For now, the only thing we can do is wait and hope the LoL developers are able to fix whatever "in-game issues" Hwei has as fast as possible.

We update this article with new information once it's available, so make sure to bookmark it.

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