Wild Rift: Talon release date

Talon LoL Splash Art
Credit: Riot Games

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Wild Rift update 5.0 introduced a lot of new content and also announced three new champions, with one of them being Talon.

Talon is a very popular LoL champion and most players are thrilled to see him finally come to Wild Rift. However, most players don't know exactly when Talon will arrive at the game.

So without further ado, let's find out when Talon's expected release date is.

Talon expected release date

As mentioned above, the latest Wild Rift update announced three new champions would be arriving at the game. These champions are Syndra, Talon, and Kindred.

Syndra has already arrived at the game, as she was added to the Wild Rift champion pool when update 5.0 went live. Talon is the next champion to arrive at the Rift, and he will do so on 23 February.

This means that Wild Rift will maintain its tradition of one new champion released per month, as we had predicted.

LoL Enduring Sword Talon Splash Art
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Credit: Riot Games
Enduring Sword Talon

After Talon's arrival, Kindred will be the next champion to be introduced to the game. The Eternal Hunters is also a highly anticipated champion, and many players can't wait to try Kindred out.

We hope this article answered all of the questions you had and wish you the best of luck on your games with the deadliest assassin in Wild Rift.

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