Wild Rift: How to counter Syndra

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Syndra was introduced to Wild Rift on update 5.0, but it didn't take long for her to take over the mid-lane. Her long-range and incredible burst damage makes her one of the strongest mages in the game.

Because of that, many players struggle when facing her in the mid-lane, and don't know how to counter her. In this article, we will tell you what you must do to counter Syndra and stop her form from taking over the game.

Without further ado, let's find out how to counter Syndra in Wild Rift.

How to counter Syndra

As mentioned above, Syndra possesses long-range and incredible burst damage. This makes it incredibly difficult to play against her in the laning phase, as she can poke you at will and has decent kill pressure even before reaching level 6.

If you want to destroy Syndra in the laning phase, your best option is to pick an "all-in" champion, a champion that can kill her if he hits his full combo. Champions such as Fizz and Yasuo are great at that.

These two champions will suffer in the early levels because of the range difference, which allows Syndra to poke them and trade effectively. However, once they reach level 6, they have a lot of kill pressure if they manage to hit their ultimate.

Wild Rift Astronaut Fizz
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Astronaut Fizz

So you want to try and reach level 6 as fast as possible. Then, when the opportunity presents itself, go all in on Syndra. Try to do so when her abilities are on cooldown since that's when she is most vulnerable.

If she doesn't have her flash up she will most likely die. If Syndra manages to flash away, you want to wait for your ultimate to come of coldown and go all in again. You can also call your jungle for help, as Syndra becomes very vulnerable to ganks when her flash is down.

Punishing Syndra in the side lanes

As most mid laners do at some point in the game, Syndra will go to the side lanes, either to clear a wave or look for a play. If she tries to roam you want to try and follow her, provided you have vision of the river and can do so in a safe way.

When Syndra tries to split push she needs to be very careful, as she doesn't have a lot of escape tools, especially if her flash is down. In such cases, you want to punish her if she is overextended.

Wild Rift Syndra
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You can do this by calling your jungle and ambushing her, forcing a 2v1 fight. Going all in is also a good way to punish her, especially if she has her abilities on cooldown.

Syndra might deal a lot of damage but she is also a very squish target, so remember that when playing against her. Her laning phase is pretty strong, but as mentioned above, there are ways to counter that.

We hope this article was useful and will help you prevent Syndra from taking over the game and dominating Summoner's Rift.

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