A New PvE Game Mode is Coming to LoL this Summer!

LoL Star Guardian PvE event, Invasion.
Credit: Riot Games

LoL Star Guardian PvE event, Invasion.
Credit: Riot Games

The recent Dev Update revealed a surprising addition to LoL: a brand-new PvE Vampire Survivors-style game mode arriving this summer!

LoL is no stranger to PvE game modes, veteran players may recall battling hilariously overpowered bots in Doom Bots or defending the world as Star Guardians in Invasion. These modes provided a welcome break from the competitive PvP scene, allowing players to enjoy the League universe in a different way.

LoL set to introduce a “bullet heaven survivor” PvE game mode this summer

While primarily known for its intense PvP scene, LoL has a history of offering limited-time PvE adventures. Fond memories remain of game modes like Invasion and Doom Bots, which allowed exploration of the LoL world without the pressure of facing real players. The dev team previously mentioned that they were cooking up a mode that would be a “different take” on League’s core gameplay, but a bit more “chill” compared to Arena.

A screenshot of the new PvE game mode from the "Arena, Lee Sin & PvE Mode First-Look | Dev Update - League of Legends" YouTube video.
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Credit: Riot Games

Players can now look forward to the release of a “bullet heaven survivor” PvE game mode for LoL during this year’s summer event!

In this event, you will be able to fight against hordes of enemies, by yourself or with friends. In Bullet Heaven games, the player's character doles out a constant stream of attacks, typically in the manner of an auto shooter, to take out waves of enemies while moving around on the battlefield. These games often have roguelike elements, with players selecting power-ups to enhance their attack and passive abilities.

While details are still under wraps, Riot Games will surely reveal more information soon. The last PvE event, Odyssey: Extraction, came out in late 2018. The League community is excited about the return of a PvE game mode this summer, and with the replayability of a bullet heaven survivor, this new mode has the potential to be a major hit!

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