LoL: When Does Rumble Release in Wild Rift?

LoL Rumble

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We previously wrote about Nidalee, but the most recent leaked champion in LoL: Wild Rift is Rumble.

Known for his wide range of AoE (Area of Effect) abilities, Rumble is classified as a fighter champion. One of the most flexible champions, Rumble can equip defensive items to help him improve his survivability without losing much of his damage potential.

In this article, we will go over Rumble's abilities, and find out when he will arrive at Wild Rift.

Rumble in Wild Rift Release Date

We still don’t know the exact date on which Rumble will arrive at Wild Rift, as Riot Games still hasn't announced it. However, we know that he will be released in 2024, on Update 5.0 to be precise, alongside two other champions: Quinn and Nidalee.

LoL Rumble in the Jungle Skin
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One of the oldest champions in LoL, Rumble has gone through many visual and gameplay changes since his release. Still, he has always been a main pick in the Jungle or Baron Lane due to his quick-wave clear and utility.

Wild Rift Rumble abilities

Rumble has a unique kit that isn't easy to master. So it will take you some games until you finally get used to him. But once you do, you will have added a very strong character to your champion pool.

LoL Rumble Splash Art
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Here is a quick rundown of the abilities of Rumble in League of Legends which will likely be implemented in Wild Rift.

Passive: Junkyard Titan

  • Rumble gains Heat with every spell he casts. When he reaches 50% Heat, he enters the Danger Zone, which grants bonus effects to all his basic abilities. When he reaches 100% Heat, he starts Overheating, which gives him bonus Attack Speed and bonus damage on his basic attacks, but also prevents him from casting spells for a few seconds.

Skill 1: Flamespitter

  • Rumble unleashes a cone of fire in front of him, dealing magic damage for 3 seconds. While in the Danger Zone, the damage of this ability is increased.

Skill 2: Scrap Shield

  • Rumble activates a shield that protects him from damage and gives him a quick burst of speed. While in the Danger Zone, the strength of the shield and the speed bonus are increased.

Skill 3: Electro Harpoon

  • Rumble fires a harpoon that electrocutes his target, dealing magic damage, slowing their movement speed, and reducing their magic resistance. Rumble can carry up to 2 harpoons at a time. While in the Danger Zone, the damage and slow percentage of this ability are increased.

Ultimate: The Equalizer

  • Rumble launches a group of rockets that create a wall of flames, damaging and slowing enemies caught in its path.

We hope this article answers all of your questions about Rumble. This article will be updated regularly, so make sure to bookmark it.

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