LoL Worlds 2022: Weakest Champions we Won't See

League of Legends current meta is a huge shake-up from how the game has been playing over the last few months.

Because of this, some classic champions who have reigned supreme for a while are now nearer the bottom of the pick pile.

This, of course, will have a big effect on Worlds 2022 and who players choose to play.

So, let's take a look at which champions are the weakest in the current meta of League of Legends and who is unlikely to turn up for Worlds.

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League of Legends strong champions for Worlds 2022

League of Legends Zeri

Zeri League of Legends
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Over the past few months, Zeri has had an extremely high pick and ban rate of 89%.

However, a recent nerf has made her much less functional as an ADC and although she is okay, she isn't as strong as she could be.

It's unlikely that Zeri will take the main stage at Worlds this year which is devastating for Zeri fans to hear.


Sylas League of Legends
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Sylas has also been hit with the nerf hammer pretty hard.

With a 76% presence in games, it seemed that Sylas would definitely show up at the esports event.

Unfortunately, the nerf paired with the AoE focus of the current patch, it seems that Sylas isn't as viable this year.


Trundle League of Legends
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The summer split brought along many big nerfs for champions and amongst these was Trundle.

His W was heavily hit after the summer split which has put him in a bad spot.

Additionally, there are champions such as Hecarim who are extremely strong right now and overshadow this champion.

League of Legends Renekton

Renekton League of Legends
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Patch 12.17 saw some big nerfs coming to the game and unfortunately, Renekton was one of them.

The nerf that hit has shot him out of priority in favour of other strong top laners such as Maokai.


Lulu League of Legends
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Lulu has always been a popular pick in pro-play due to the high skill involved to play her.

However, recent nerfs to her Whimsy ability has made her much less viable.

Additionally, she has a reduced win rate in solo queue too due to the alterations.

So, although these champions aren't at their strongest right now, we may still see some professional players take them on.

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