Top 5 Supports at LOL Worlds 2022

Keria lol

Keria lol

League of Legends Worlds 2022 is almost with us, and the best players in the World are gearing up to compete for the ultimate prize. Enchanters have been the name of the game for supports this year, but all that could change soon.

With the meta for Worlds still up in the air, we're breaking down the top 5 players in each role we expect to thrive. Here is our lost for the supports to keep your eye on.

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Honourable mention - Mark

Mark lol
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Despite a previous appearance with LGD back in Worlds 2020, Mark is on of the more unproven aspects of Top Esports. He has excelled in the enchanter meta of summer 2022, but how he adapts at Worlds remains to be seen.

One thing is for sure though. Mark has been instrumental in Jackeylove's carry performances, saving him from more than one positioning error. If he can keep this up, the TES bot lane will be a force to be reckoned with.

Honourable Mention - DRX BeryL

BeryL lol
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The DRX bot lane of Deft and BeryL is one of the most experienced at the tournament, Deft has 6 Worlds appearances to his name, and BeryL a Worlds title. BeryL excels in an engage support meta that will no doubt rear its head at Worlds.

BeryL can be counted on as one of the most dependable and consistent supports out there, and with Deft's prowess by his side, they will no doubt make a run through play-ins to the Worlds Group stages.

5 - JDG Missing

missing jdg
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Worlds 2022 will be Missing's first foray into international League of Legends. Despite the enchanter-heavy meta, he has shown a willingness to play engage supports and excelled.

JDG is no doubt one of the favourites to win this year, and with Missing playing as he is he will be a key component. Regardless of the meta, Missing will be looking to cement his name among the veterans on this list.

4 - T1 Keria

Keria lol
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Keria's rise to fame began when he joined T1 for the 2021 season. His consistent effectiveness earned him the title of the best support in the World, which he maintained through to 2022 spring. He also earned the record for the most assists in an LCK split in spring, at 462, beating Wolf's previous record, at 445.

Summer 2022 has been rougher for T1 as a whole, as GenG grew stronger and they faltered. Despite this though, Keria's skill and innovation cannot be ignored, even picking Yasuo and Lee Sin into specific matchups. He remains arguably the most solid element of T1.

3 - EDG Meiko

Meiko lol
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One of the most recognisable players in the LPL, Meiko has been with EDG since 2014. The second player to reach 500 LPL games after Uzi, amd the first to reach 4,5, and 6000 assists, he is synonymous with the support role.

As the team Captain and shotcaller for EDG, Meiko's influence extends far beyond the bot-lane. Able to play whatever his team requires, he excels at linking up with Jiejie to impact the map.

Nautilus remains his most played despite the meta, and he retained an 80% KP in summer 2022 playoffs. Not much happens on EDG without Meiko's say-so.

2 - RNG Ming

Ming lol
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Ming is another staple of the support scene, being with RNG since 2016. With two back to mack MSI titles but no Worlds trophy, he will be coming to Worlds 2022 with only one goal in mind.

Having played through every support meta imaginable, Ming will be able to adapt quickly to anything Worlds throws at him. Together with Gala, they are one of the most dependable bot-lanes in the World.

1 - GenG Lehends

Lehends lol
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Since his time on Griffin with Viper, Lehends has been relatively quiet in the LCK. That is until he joined GenG. Together with Peanut, they orchestrated a reign of terror, moving as a duo and making early games unplayable for their opponents.

Lehends is known for his off-meta picks, with his trademark being the Singed that we will likely see at Worlds. He also pioneered the use of Elise and Shen in the same role, however, reaching rank 1 on both.

Expect him to use chaos to his advantage and be one step ahead of his opponents in Worlds 2022, also facilitating Ruler to be able to play to his potential.

That wraps up our picks for the top supports at Worlds 2022. Also check out our rankings for other roles, and our Worlds Teams Tier List, for all the players to watch.

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