Top 5 ADCs at LOL Worlds 2022

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Worlds 2022 is almost upon us, and with Pickems live, everybody wants to know who the best players at the tournament will be. In a year when veteran and new players alike have been at the top of their game, all 5 roles are hotly contested.

Despite some meta shifts since playoffs, we expect some AD Carries to continue to stand out. So here is our list of the best bot laners in the world.


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Table of Contents

Honourable Mention: RGE Comp

Comp on Rogue

Comp has excelled in the LEC playoffs, going unkilled on three unique marksmen in the finals. The reason he makes the list though, is his Caitlyn.

As a pocket pick for him regardless of the meta, the comfort will come in handy this World Championships, as she received buffs on 12.18. With early game power and late game insurance, Caitlyn is a champ not to be messed with.

5 - JDG Hope

Hope JDG

Hope only falls to the bottom of this list due to a lack of international experience. Joining JDG at the beginning of this year, Hope played a great spring split, but really shined in the Zeri/Sivir and enchanter meta of Summer.

If hope can prove himself in a changing meta on the international stage, he will climb the ranks fast, but as of now we simply don't have the information to work with.

4 - TES Jackeylove

Jackeylove Lol

On the complete opposite end of the scale, international talents don't come much more proven than Jackeylove. With a Worlds title under his belt, and two more top-4 Worlds finishes since, Jackeylove is undoubteldy one of the best ADCs of all time.

So why so low on the list? Well despite incredible carry performances through Summer regular split, in playoffs cracks started to show. Jackeylove's positioning mistakes in the LPL finals arguably cost his team the series, and he will have to tighten up his game considerably to make the same impact at Worlds.

3 - RNG Gala

Gala lol

With three pentakills this year, and two career pentakills on Kai'sa, Gala is in a good spot for Worlds. With Kai'sa expected to rise in the meta, his consistency on the champs we expect to see contributes to his placing considerably.

Gala has stood out particularly on RNG this summer as an integral member with his carry performances from the bot-lane. He is our pick for a guaranteed pentakill in Pickems, and will be one to watch.

2 - EDG Viper

Viper lol

The reigning World Champion AD carry coming into this year, Viper is returning to claim his crown. He is one of the most adaptable players around, even famous for playing mages such as Viktor and Taliyah during his time on Griffin.

Despite their 0-3 loss to Top Esports in LPL Semifinals, Viper looked as strong as ever, and will be able to track the meta or revert to comfort as required. He and Meiko look unshakeable in the bot-lane as a duo, and will be a force to be reckoned with.

1 - GenG Ruler

Ruler lol

Ruler is the third World Champion on this list, a testament to how stacked the role is this year, with also a Worlds MVP to his name. Ruler and Lehends have looked unstoppable regionally, even dispatching Guma and Keria with ease.

What clutches the top spot for Ruler on our list is his ability to play weakside stable bot lanes, which may be crucial in the Worlds meta. Ashe as a safe Caitlyn counter, and Senna and Varus as weaksiders.

Check out our Worlds Teams Tier list for all the teams to watch, and stay tuned for the top 5s in all roles.