Top 5 Top Laners at LOL Worlds 2022

Zeus lol

Zeus lol

League of Legends Worlds 2022 is almost upon us, and we've compiled a list of the top 5 players to watch in each role. Top lane just might be the most impactful when Worlds kicks off, and the role is stacked this year.

With the drastic meta shift in mind, deciding the best top-laner can be tricky, so whether you're just looking for the ones to watch, or just need a hand with your Pickems, here are our rankings.

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Honourable Mention - DK Nuguri

Nuguri lol
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Nuguri scapes onto the list not for recent performance, but for international pedigree. Brought in recently for Damwon after a 6-month break, it was a slow start to the season for him.

Despite his Worlds title with the same team, Nuguri only seemed to truly find his form in the Regional finals against LSB, on carry-oriented champions like Aatrox and Gwen.

Therefore his champion pool sits in a good spot to do well at Worlds 2022, but he will have to recapture some of the magic of years past to truly make a mark.

5 - GenG Doran

GenG Doran
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Perhaps the weakest link on the team but not to be overlooked, Doran has still had some standout performances this season. Largely playing a more weakside role for his team, he has been consistent on the meta of Gnar, Aatrox, and Ornn, and has done everything required.

The only reason he remains so far down the list is whether or not he can perform to the same standard once the meta shifts in Worlds. If he can expect him to contend with the best without breaking a sweat.

4 - RNG Breathe

Breathe RNG
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Well known for his psychopathic playstyle in the top lane, Breathe could rise quickly on this list if the meta unfolds as we expect. Only Joining RNG recently, in a swap with Bin, from BLG, he has settled into his role quickly.

In a meta currently dominated by safer picks, Breathe has remained adamant, playing Fiora, Jax, and Akali when the mood strikes. This potential to carry is likely to be feast or famine at Worlds, and only time will tell.

3 - TES Wayward

Wayward lol
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Despite still being in his 1st year in the LPL, Wayward has shined. Earning rookie of the split in spring, he has been a silent carry for TES all year long.

Previously referred to by the Chinese nickname "三板斧", meaning three axe strokes (or one trick pony), he has silenced the doubters, and proved he can hold his own on a variety of picks. Even carry tops like Yone have made an appearance.

Wayward will be instrumental in Top Esports' journey this Worlds, and to make such a mark internationally in his first year would be impressive, to say the least.

2 - T1 Zeus

Zeus lol
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Despite not reaching the same heights of spring split, T1's summer was nothing to be frowned at. Zeus particularly has retained his absolute lane kingdom, often winning early games he has no business in.

Zeus has stuck with T1 where many rookies did not, and at only 18 it has already paid off. According to many, he has surpassed his role model in Nuguri, Finn on the Euphoria podcast saying 'it feels like he has an extra cloth armour in lane', a testament to how unbeatable he is.

1 - JDG 369

369 lol
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369 has never missed playoffs since his LPL debut, and it's easy to see why. He has a huge champ pool, and can play anything his team requires. This will be crucial in a rapidly changing meta.

Little more needs to be said about 369, except that he sits above the rest of the pack, simply by being better in almost all categories. If he can maintain form, JDG will go far this Worlds.

That wraps up our list of the best top laners in the world, but check out our Worlds Teams Tier List, as well as our rankings for all other roles.

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