Top 5 Junglers at LOL Worlds 2022

Peanut lol

Peanut lol

League of Legends Worlds 2022 is almost here, where the best players and teams from around the World will battle it out for the top prize. Jungle is always one of the most impactful roles in competitive League of Legends, so having the best players is paramount.

We've broken down the top five players in each role, so whether you're just looking for the ones to watch, or want a hand with your pickems, we've got you covered.

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Honourable Mention - RGE Malrang

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Malrang is single-handedly carried to his spot on this list by an incredible performance in the LEC finals. Beating out Jankos on Macro and pathing is no easy feat, but Malrang did it, and was G2s kryptonite in teamfights.

From a substitute in Damwon Kia in 2021, Malrang has really found his form for Rouge in the LEC this year. If he can transition his early game dominance to mid/late as he did in finals, he will be able to contend with the best at Worlds.

5 - DK Canyon

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Malrang's big brother on Damwon, Canyon has been instrumental in any success the team has had in the past few years. Winning the Worlds MVP in 2020, he and Showmaker are the foundation on which modern Damwon was built.

Canyon is known for excelling on carry junglers such as Nidalee and Graves, with a pentakill to his name on each. If the meta is as top-side focused as it seems at Worlds, this will play directly into his hands.

4 - EDG Jiejie

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Jiejie hasn't been the most consistent this year, but when he shows up he looks like he's playing a whole different game. Poppy nerfs and Lee Sin buffs will help him out at Worlds, as the current meta isn't his comfort zone.

Together with Scout EDG have one of the best mid-jungle synergies in competitive League, and can snowball an early game lead out of control fast. If EDG do well at Worlds, expect Jiejie to be front and centre.

3 - TES Tian

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With a Worlds title and Finals MVP under his belt, Tian is one of the most decorated junglers in the game. After FPX imploded in Worlds 2021 group stage, despite being tournament favourites, Tian will be looking to reclaim his spot at the top.

Another big benefactor of the Lee Sin buff, Tian excels on his comfort picks but can play anything his team needs to a very high level. Expect to see him roaming in a duo with knight to create opportunity on the map from as early as level two.

2 - JDG Kanavi

The unsung hero of JDG, Kanavi is known for his innovation in draft and build, and ability to adapt fast to a changing game state. With an incredible 72% kill participation across summer playoffs, nothing happens in JDG without Kanavi's help.

His ability to play carry junglers will be a huge asset at Worlds, even displaying off-meta picks like the Morgana and Bel'veth. Kanavi is coming to Worlds 2022 with a view to winning himself the accolades he is more than deserving of.

1 - GenG Peanut

Since his time on the famous 2016 Rox Tigers roster, that many expected to win Worlds, Peanut has been a staple of the Worlds top junglers list. Famous for pioneering the Morgana jungle pick last year, Peanut can pay any jungler to a World Champion level.

After his 2022 finals MVP, Peanut is coming into Worlds 2022 to finally win himself the title he so deserves. Whether he is facilitating his team, or carrying in his own right, Peanut is the rock that guides any team he is a part of.

That wraps up our rankings for the best junglers, but be sure to check out our Worlds Teams Tier list, and our rankings for other roles.

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