LoL K'Sante Buffs - New champion buffed again after failed release

League of Legends K'Sante has not had a smooth release and with an incredibly low win rate. Things aren't looking too bright.

Before leaving the PBE, K'Sante received a buff from Riot which has managed to help him a little into the game.

However, this has not been enough as he hits a pretty miserable 41% win rate.

It feels that the new meta that is trying to be changed in the top lane hasn't quite worked out.

With many players disappointed with this champion, there are even more buffs coming to him.

So, let's take a look at the fan's reception to K'Sante, why he's getting buffed and what is actually being buffed in League of Legends.

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What Buffs is K'Sante Receiving?

It makes sense that Riot Games aren't making any huge changes to the champion with preseason 2023 soon to be released.

So, the changes coming to the champion are pretty minimal.

Additionally, they seem to be buffing the side of the champion which many players have just been ignoring.

The most popular build for K'Sante is a full tank which helps his survivability.

However, the buff coming to the game in patch 22.22 is to his K'Sante's Footwork with his dash to allies going from 1600 to 1800 scaling.

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Why is K'Sante Receiving this Buff?

K'Sante's win rate has been incredibly low upon release and is now settling for around 43%.

This is one reason why this has been buffed.

However, Riot is also very aware that K'Sante players are not utilising the other half of K'Sante as a high-damage engager.

This is why that element of his kit has been boosted so that players feel comfortable playing him.

One of his biggest issues is that he chunks 40% of his health to engage.

Against a full team, K'Sante won't be the tanky champion promised to survive for the long haul.

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