LoL: Who Are K'Sante Best Top Lane Counters?

League of Legends K'Sante is now fully revealed and is due to be released very soon.

Many players in the community are struggling with his abilities due to their strength of them.

With his eliminating any weakness that a tank has, he's going to have a high win rate for sure.

However, there are some ways that players can stop him in his tracks.

So, let's take a look at the best counters for K'Sante in League of Legends.

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K'Sante best counters in League of Legends

Here is a list of the top counter to K'Sante in League of Legends.

This view comes from looking at and comparing the technicalities of the champion, as he has not been released.


League of Legends Vayne
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Here comes the tank destroyer, Vayne.

Vayne's true damage will be brilliant at missing the tankiness of K'Sante and packing a punch.

Although her position in the top lane is disputed, she is definitely somebody who K'Sante would struggle to keep up with.

Her mobility with her W ability would also help to evade an engaging K'Sante. Paired with her invisibility and you have one nice escape.

However, getting caught with her may become quite an issue.

League of Legends Gnar

League of Legends Gnar
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Building Gnar AP will help him scale and also provides K'Sante with fewer choices of what items to build.

IF K'Sante does choose to build armour against this champion, then he will be very open to AP damage.

Additionally, Gnar's scaling means that he will soon be an issue for any proud K'Sante player.


League of Legends Garen
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Garen's ultimate ability here would be the real kicker against K'Sante.

Being dealt true damage is never good for a champion like K'Sante.

But pair that with the movement speed from Garen's W, then there will be issues to escape him.

League of Legends Fiora

League of Legends Fiora
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What's that? More true damage? Maybe we should be bringing Akali onto this list.

Fiora is another queen of true damage and doesn't she know it.

Her healing means she also has some great sustain against the more bursty champion. So long as she can escape his clutches.

From this list of champions, it's clear that true damage and high evasive manoeuvres will be key to beating K'Sante.

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