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*UPDATED* LGBTQIA+ Champions in League of Legends

Happy Pride!

This Pride month, Riot is celebrating by including free cosmetics in League of Legends and Valorant. The history-filled month is an occasion to celebrate for sure, but it is also a place for reflection and learning.

With the array of different champions in the game, League of Legends has a bundle of LGBTQIA+ champions that we are championing besides.

From long term sweethearts to speculated couples, let's dive into the champions that identify with this community.

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Best league of Legends Couples

The best League of Legends couples is some crucial information coming up before we hit Valentine's day.

As gamers celebrate worldwide, what's the best way to show you're thinking of someone?

By going duo queue with these champions of course!

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Caitlyn and Vi

"You're hot, cupcake!" For fans watching this scene from Arcane, the subtle hints came to fruition. A global lightbulb lit as the audience realised. VI FANCIES CAITLYN?!

Arcane Caitlyn and Vi
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Despite the many hints throughout the first season of Arcane, the couple was not officially confirmed. Perhaps due to the events surrounding their relationship, it gave their chances a bit of stunted growth. Many fans are hopeful that this loved up pair get to explore their relationship more in season 2.

Diana and Leona

Diana and Leona are the first LGBTQIA+ couple that Riot officially confirmed. A story released by them titled Rise With Me showed letters between the two as their romance blossoms. Truly one that pulls on the heartstrings.

Twisted Fate and Graves

Twisted Fate and Graves are the newest gay couple to jump on the scene. This year it was confirmed by Riot that the once warring pair is now in a relationship. Their love-hate relationship is shown in-game as they bicker like an old married couple.

Graves and TF
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It was this that made fans wonder if they are in fact an item. And they are! This was confirmed once again in another short story titled The Boys and Bambolini.


Neeko is the first openly lesbian champion in the game. Matt Dunn who works as a senior narrative writer confirmed this in a message to the Twitter poster. This is most obvious in her voice interactions with other female champions. She asks Shyvana on a date and explains how Evelynn makes her curious.


According to Legends of Runeterra lore, Nami is bisexual and also in a polyamorous relationship. She is in a relationship with two other people from her Marai tribe, named Loto and Tama.

Proof that Nami is bisexual
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