LoL: Nazumah Lore and History Explained

League of Legends newest location, Nazumah is the hometown of their best champion, K'Sante.

The lore of the town is sad and filled with war. However, from war sprung life as the city thrives and grows.

Protected by K'Sante and his gang of monster hunters, the town is in capable hands.

However, conflict still arises from many angles for the people of Nazumah.

With a rich history and lore focus, Nazumah is an interesting place.

So, let's take a look at the lore and history of Nazumah and how K'Sante ties in with it.

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Nazumah location

Nazumah is located in the southern area of Shurima near an oasis, just outside of the desert.

League of Legends Shurima, Nazumah
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The location makes it a perfect resort for refugees to gather and rebuild.

This smaller Shuriman town is so far out that the influence of Azir doesn't affect this town.

Nazumah is a space where freedom is key, and dictatorships are unheard of.

Nazumah lore and history

Nazumah's history starts with the Shuriman conflict between the Darkin and the Ascended.

The great darkin war in League of Legends
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Refugees fleeing the conflict all ran south to this oasis and built a town surrounding the precious resource.

Because of the conflict bringing people from all regions, Nazumah became a melting pot of people from different religions, races, and ages.

A story of monster hunting

As Nazumah's water source is the only one for miles, the townspeople have to defend against monsters, raiders. leviathans, and more.

This is why K'Sante is such an important figure in his hometown.

cobra lion from League of Legends
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As chief of the monster hunters, he and his partner Tope are key to keeping their town free and safe.

Hunters in Nazumah also create weapons to fight monsters... from monsters they have slain.

Resourceful, right?

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