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LoL K'Sante - K'Sante launch failed with a low win rate

League of Legends K'Sante has had a launch flop after an incredibly low win rate.

This comes after his launch where he received a buff before even making it into the game.

Despite all of the excitement, K'Sante leaves much to be desired with his number of losses increasing.

It seems that this new top lane method isn't quite working as older champions overpower this new meta.

However, players can't deny the fun they have playing him. Even if it comes with the cost of a loss.

So, let's take a look at the Pride of Nazumah, K'Sante, and how his low win rate is putting players off of him in League of Legends.

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K'Sante Struggles Against Other Top Laners

K'Sante was put to the community as someone who will bring huge change to the top lane meta.

However, even his pre-emptive buffs in the PBE haven't prepared him for what he was to face in the Rift.

As of right now, K'Sante has a 41.93% win rate which is incredibly low considering his playstyle.

Additionally, it is usually expected that new champions will have a low win rate at first. However, this is just a bit too low for him to be fun.

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Why is K'Sante's win rate so low?

Many players have had opinions on why his win rate is so low recently.

The League of Legends community seems to think that his skill gap is pretty steep as many struggles to get used to his mechanics.

However, many also think it's because his damage is so low.

Empyrean K'Sante from League of Legends
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In a similar way to Kayle, level 16 fully unleashes K'Sante's power which is tricky to work around.

Many LoL games don't reach the level 16 mark, especially if a team is more bursty.

However, supposedly players are finding a full tank build much more successful on the champion.

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