Hypercharge Unboxed Difficulty Levels Explained!

Hypercharge Unboxed Garage Map

Hypercharge Unboxed Garage Map

Many players wonder about the difficulty levels in Hypercharge Unboxed, their differences, and especially how to unlock the Nightmare difficulty.

Hypercharge Unboxed had a very successful console launch, with players worldwide enjoying the immersive and incredibly fun first-person and third-person shooter.

Hypercharge Unboxed Difficulty Levels Explained

The are four difficulty levels in Hypercharge Unboxed, and they are the following:


Casual is the easiest difficulty available in Hypercharge Unboxed, and it's perfect for players who want to have a more laid-back experience and have fun playing the game. It gives players more time to prepare their defenses, and the enemies are weaker.

The Regular difficulty offers a more challenging experience, and it's tailored for users who have some experience in FPS games. It delivers the standard Hypercharge Unboxed experience, which is somewhat tricky but still incredibly fun.

Hypercharge Unboxed Difficulty Levels
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All the Hypercharge Unboxed difficulty levels.

As the name indicates, the Expert difficulty is for FPS veterans, players who live and breathe first-person and third-person shooters. It offers a very challenging game experience, where the resources are scarce, and the enemies harder to defeat. This difficulty is more tailored to co-op modes.

How to Unlock Nightmare Mode

Nightmare mode is by far the hardest difficulty level in Hypercharge Unboxed. It's so hard that it's locked, and players will need to complete the 14 unique maps with a Ruby rank to unlock it.

This difficulty is truly a nightmare, and it's the right difficulty if you are looking for a real challenge. Resources are even scarcer than in the Expert difficulty, and the opponents are astonishingly strong.

We hope this article helped you figure out the best difficulty for you, as well as helping unlock the Nigthamrere mode.

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