Halo Infinite: How to Locate Echo 216 Pilot ("Love You Daddy" Voices)

While much of the puzzle in Halo Infinite's campaign comes from navigating large groups of enemies, there are some moments that had us well and truly stumped. Not far from the end of the game, you're asked to 'locate and save Echo 216 Pilot' who's been with you for most of the story. However, you're stuck in a single structure and there's no objective marker to tell you where to go. If, like us, you've spent five minutes wandering around with no luck, here's how to locate Echo 216 Pilot in Halo Infinite.

The mission in question comes towards the end of the campaign, after the Echo 2016 Pilot has been kidnapped by Escharum. You'll make your way through Basic and Advanced training and into an armoury, where you'll be locked in.

As we said, you'll be asked to 'locate and save Echo 216 Pilot' but have nothing to go on bar a repeating message saying variations of "I love you Daddy," which is presumably Echo 216's daughter.

How to Locate Echo 216 Pilot in Halo Infinite

Thankfully, getting out of this enclosed space isn't as tough as it initially seems.

What you need to do is head to the top floor and into the open space on the side of the structure that you entered, opposite the weapon lockers.

In the middle of the floor, you'll spot a little device and the voices should be a little louder. Head to it and you'll notice the 'Investigate' prompt on screen, so hold X.

halo infinite, locate echo 216 pilot
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Master Chief will then take a look at the object and a little hologram will play. You haven't technically found the Echo 216 Pilot yet, but this is the tricky bit. Be wary, though, you're not safe yet, a boss fight awaits you in a matter of seconds.

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