LIVE NOW Halo Infinite Campaign Release Time: When can you play on Game Pass?

Halo Infinite's multiplayer released a month early and, now, the Halo Infinite campaign is finally here on Xbox Game Pass. Halo Infinite's campaign is great and you can now try it yourself.

Latest - Halo Infinite Campaign Live Now

After years of wait, the Halo Infinite Campaign is finally here right now. It's an ambitious attempt at the Halo formula and you can now try it for yourself on Game Pass

We have all the latest guides you may need and will only add more with time.

Confirmed Halo Infinite Campaign Release Time on Game Pass

Xbox has confirmed that the Halo Infinite campaign will release at 1:01pm ET / 6:01pm GMT on Wednesday, December 8.

They have now release an image that outlines the release times for all regions. Check it out below:

halo infinite, campaign, release time
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It's a little disappointing that it won't just launch at midnight, but that only makes the full release time even more exciting.

Halo Infinite Review

We've been playing Halo Infinite's campaign and loved it. You can see all of our thoughts in our review right here.

In short, here are our impressions:

You're probably still struggling to put the multiplayer down since its release a few weeks ago, but it's worth stepping away to play Halo Infinite's campaign.
Even though the redundant open world aspect means it isn't quite the step forward for the series we expected, the story of three heroes on a mission is emotional and engaging and the gameplay is at its absolute all-time best.

Preload Details

While it seems like everyone, including Game Pass subscribers, can preload the Halo Infinite campaign right now by heading to the game's page in the Microsoft Store, it doesn't all seems quite right.

As far as we can tell, the preload only installs the multiplayer, which you may already have downloaded, even if it says campaign on the store.

While there's no harm in downloading it as the store says, we would expect there to be an additional download either next week or at launch, just as there was for the shadow dropped multiplayer.

If a full preload download comes before the official release time, we'll be sure to let you know how big it is here.

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