Halo Infinite: How to Change difficulty

Halo campaigns have never been a walk in the park and Infinite's isn't easy at all, even on Normal mode. You'll likely be thinking about changing difficulty at some point in your playthrough so that you're not dying over and over again, but it's not easy. If you are, here's everything you need to know about how to change difficulty in Halo Infinite.

Before you start the campaign, you're given the option to choose a difficulty. Normal will be the setting by default, but you can switch it up if you'd like. Choose carefully though, because you cannot change difficulty on the fly.

How to Change Difficulty in Halo Infinite

What you need to do is quit to the Halo Infinite campaign main menu and select Load Game from the campaign menu.

From there, you can select your save and you'll spot a 'Difficulty' option there. Select that, choose the option you want to change to, and then update your save. You'll then be able to start from where you left off with the new difficulty set.

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You cannot change difficulty in Halo Infinite from the settings menu while playing!

You have four different difficulties to choose from. They are:

  • Easy - Take in the sights and sounds around the Ring as you slaughter outmatched adversaries. Recommended for players new to Halo.
  • Normal - Brutal enemies threaten humanity and test your indomitable spirit. First-person shooter experience recommended.
  • Heroic - Your foes are well-armed and resolute. Quell the storm and ride the thunder. Recommended for veteran Halo players.
  • Legendary - Run, little Demon. Recommended for fans of Jackal snipers.

Again, Normal is the default option and it'll be more than enough challenge for most players. What you play on is entirely up to you, however.

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