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Halo Infinite: How to Beat Escharum Boss Fight

Throughout Halo Infinite's campaign, you'll be threatened by Escharum in the form of a hologram. Later on in the game, however, you'll come face to face with him in a boss fight that's pretty tough. If you're struggling, here are some tips on how to beat Escharum in Halo Infinite.

How to Beat Escharum in Halo Infinite

It's easiest to think about the Escharum boss fight in three stages. They're not that different, but how your opponent acts changes in each of them, so you have to act a little differently.

We'll run through each of them below:

Escharum Boss Fight Phase One

The first part of the fight will see Escharum lumbering towards you, shooting lasers at you. This is the easiest part of the boss fight and will be over pretty quickly.

As you should for the whole fight, stick to the ring that runs around the outside of the arena you're fighting in (as that's where all the weapons are) and back away from Escharum, hitting him with everything you can.

There are no tips here, just hit him with whatever you've got.

Phase Two (Shields)

Part 2 will see Escharum draw energy from the arena to form a shield, with that shield transferring any damage it takes right to Echo 216, who you're trying to save.

Whatever you do, don't shoot him when his shields are up, it's a waste of time.

Weapon will then reveal the cores that power the shield, and you need to shoot them to destroy them. They will open up in the middle of the arena, but we wouldn't recommend just rushing to them.

They take long enough to destroy that Escharum can get to you and shoot you enough to kill you before you've hit the core enough. Therefore, we'd recommend leading Escharum around the outside and then rushing to the core while his vision is obscured by a wall.

Using your grapple, you can get away from Escharum pretty easily, you just need to ensure that he doesn't have a good line of sight on you.

In total, there are four cores to destroy to eliminate Escharum's shield, but you'll get the chance to attack him between each one.

Final Phase of Escharum Boss Fight

The final part is all about doing damage while trying to avoid Escharum's massive hammer.

The best thing to do is to lead him into the outer loop again and back away from him while shooting.

halo infinite, Escharum Boss Fight
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You'll want to be here because you'll find plasma cannons and rocket launchers by the walls to hit him with. He has a huge amount of health, so you need something that packs a punch.

Don't get too close as you'll die in one or two hits, so keep backing away, chipping away at his health. He's much quicker in this phase, so don't be afraid to use your grappling hook to get further away from time to time.

There are thankfully no surprises, so empty his health bar and it'll be done.

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