Halo Infinite: How to Beat Tremonius

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Following the multiplayer, which released early, the Halo Infinite campaign is here and it's pretty different. On top of an open world, you'll come across boss enemies to take on pretty regularly. The first you'll fight is Tremonius and he's pretty tough. If you're struggling, here's a quick guide on how to beat Tremonius in Halo Infinite.

How to Beat Tremonius in Halo Infinite

While Tremonius' basic attacks aren't anything to worry about, since he's slow and doesn't inflict much damage, provided you don't get too close, he has one move that can be really annoying.

When he leaps into the air and slams down in a fire ball near you, he can kill you in just one hit, and it's not easy to avoid. Jumping in the air or trying to sprint won't work.

You have to use your grappling hook to escape to another part of the arena. As soon as you see Tremonius jump into the air, look to a place to your side and grapple there. You'll need to go quite far to avoid his attack, so make sure you're aiming the hook a good distance away.

You'll then have a good opportunity to attack him. Since he has a frequently regenerating shield as well as a health bar, you need to inflict a lot of damage in a short space of time.

Therefore, you're going to need to use both of your weapons, and it'll help if they both have some range to them.


By using the whole magazine of one weapon, you should be able to clear Tremonius' shield, allowing you to switch weapon and inflict some damage with another magazine, without having to waste time reloading.

You should be able to chip away at some of the boss' actual health bar before he jump in the air towards you once more.

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