Halo Infinite E3 2020: Release date, gameplay trailer possible at E3

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The Master Chief has been Xbox's poster boy for a long time.

The crazy hype over the release of Halo 2 may have been a long time ago now, but every mention of the epic FPS series sparks memories of dual-wielding SMGs, flipping warthogs, and saving Earth from alien parasites.

With the next-gen Xbox Series X due for release in November 2020 and Master Chief being the perfect character to launch the new console, fans are eagerly waiting to hear about the next step in Chief's story.

With E3 coming in June, it would be the perfect place for Microsoft and developers 343 Industries to announce the specifics about Halo Infinite and when fans can get their hands on it.

Halo Infinite release date

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ICONIC: Master Chief is the most recognizable Xbox personality ever

Master Chief may be responsible for the dawn of online multiplayer shooters, but the release cycle of Halo games has never synced up perfectly with the release of a new Xbox.

Halo 3 came out nearly two years after the Xbox 360, while 4 & 5 sandwiched the release of the Xbox One. Now though, the stars have aligned.

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The initial quote of "holiday 2020" for the release of Halo Infinite, the sixth canonical edition of the Master Chief's story, ties in perfectly for it to be an exclusive launch title for the Xbox Series X.

A firm release date would be sure to steal the show at E3 this year. Unless...

Gameplay & plot trailer

Halo Infinite will be glorious on Xbox Series X
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SIERRA 117: Master Chief returns in Halo Infinite

The arc of the Halo 4 & 5 has seen the separation of Master Chief from his AI partner Cortana.

The voice that was a constant companion through Combat Evolved, 2 & 3 is now plotting "galactic peace" that will result in the deaths of millions.

Halo 5 made it clear that the two friends may well have to clash directly in the next instalment.

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With the Xbox Series X boasting huge specs that could rival even PCs, a gameplay & plot trailer would truly break the internet if dropped at E3 this year.

Fans are always keen to see how combat has advanced within Halo games, with the chance for new weapons, vehicles, and mechanics to spark creative kills and epic battles.

Using the new hardware to show off what players can expect from Halo Infinite would be the best thing to happen at E3 in years.

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