LATEST GTA Online Winter Update: "The Contract" Release Date Confirmed, New Dre Music, & More

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GTA Online has always been a huge draw for fan of Rockstar and the GTA Online Festive Surprise Winter Update shows exactly why this is the case. Here's what we know about it.

Latest - GTA Online The Contract Announced

It has now been announced that, on December 15th, we will see the arrivale of The Contrast, a GTA Online story driven update.

It see Franklin make his way back with money, power and fame. Soundtracked with new Dr. Dre music and so much more, this is a huge update.


Release Date Confirmed

Before it's official announcement, we hadn't seen much of the update.

Rockstar Games, however, had given us an idea of the release date via the December 2 weekly update.

The December 2 weekly update event was extended past the normal 7 days to end on Tuesday, December 14. Thankfully, that's very telling.

This gave us a good idea of the time frame.

Below here is all the information and leaks we saw prior to the announcement


"CODENAME FIXERS" - Dr Dre Collab incoming?

TezFunz2, a GTA Online commentator and leaker, has suggested that the rumoured Dr Dre x Grand Theft Auto collaboration is coming sooner than we thought.

According to the tweet below, the next major update is codenamed "Fixers" and it could feature a music-themed expansion and Dr Dre himself! With the Los Santos Tuners update adding the LS Car Meet and bringing "Car Culture" to GTA Online, a music-themed expansion could be huge.

At the moment, though, we don't know for sure what's coming. Rockstar Games is cooking something up and we might see more from them a lot sooner than you might think. Here's when we think the update will drop...

Leaks and Rumours

Not much has come out about what may be included in the GTA Online Winter Update but we do have some information to work with. Some data mining has revealed that Nightclubs may play a big role in an upcoming update.


Most of the signs also suggest that music will play a huge role and this is no surprise given Rockstar's involvement in the industry. It could be that a Nightclub will play host to the next major heist or that they will become an instanced area from contracts as opposed to just free roam.

Whatever the new GTA Online update brings, it's sure to be a gamechanger and continue Rockstar's fine form by adding content to their long-running and hugely popular multiplayer experience.