UPDATED GTA Online The Contract COUNTDOWN: Release Time, New Cars, & More

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GTA Online's The Contract is now LIVE and available to donwload on all platforms!

This update adds a ton of new content - and while it might not be new vehicles or a new island, it's a continuation of the GTA V story, and feature Franklin as a protagonist. In a surprise appearance, Dr Dre will also be a huge part of things, and he's bringing some new music too!

Here's everything you need to know about GTA Online The Contract, and when you can play it.

LATEST - Update is LIVE

You can now donwload GTA Onlines' The Contract update across all platforms. The update comes in at around 3.8GB on consoles and 4.88GB on PC.

You may need to restart the Rockstar Client to pull the update through. On consoles, a system restart may be needed to initiate the download.

New Cars, Weapons, and Locations in The Contract

Rockstar is slowly revealing the details on what will be added to GTA Online during The Contract this week. Here's what we have so far:

  • New Weapons
    • Compact EMP Launcher
    • Stun Gun
  • New Interior Locations
    • The Agency
    • The Armory
  • New Vehicles
    • Enus Jubilee
    • Dewbauchee Champion

GTA Online The Contract Release Time

GTA Online's The Contract is scheduled for December 15th - which is a little out of the ordinary for Rockstar Games. So... We're at sea when it comes to the release time of The Contract.

GTA Online's Weekly Update drops at the following times:

  • 02:00 PST
  • 05:00 EST
  • 10:00 GMT

However, the Los Santos Tuners update - which is the last content drop comparable to The Contract - dropped at the following times:

  • 06:00 PST
  • 09:00 EST
  • 13:00 GMT

This timeline isn't set in stone as Rockstar Games hasn't confirmed when things are going to be released yet - but we should see the update released between the two times specified above.

If we were betting people, we'd say that GTA Online The Contract will release at 9am ET/1pm GMT on December 15th.

Dr Dre in GTA Online

As we've already mentioned, Dr Dre will be coming to GTA Online as part of The Contract and we know a little bit about the role he'll play;

" Get ready for a wild and hilarious ride through Los Santos, from the mean streets of Franklin’s old neighbourhood to the hottest parties in the city, from debaucherous mansions to the offices of the FIB and everywhere in between as you join Franklin, expert hacker Imani, Chop the Dog, and crew to secure Dr Dre’s precious tracks and return them to their rightful owner."

His involvement seems to be quite light-hearted and we're sure that Rockstar will handle this brilliantly. It could also open the door to more celebrity inclusions going forward and in GTA 6.

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