Even Rockstar has had enough of the GTA 6 comments

Rumours about and supposed "leaks" from GTA 6 circulate every few days at the moment. We've reportedly seen the HUD, the location, the map, and a lot more, without the game even being officially announced by Rockstar yet.

Most of it will likely turn out to be fake, but that doesn't stop the fans being so excited they'll ask about it anywhere, even on live TV shows in Germany...

For some, the constant GTA 6 talk is a bit too much, especially with GTA 5 still to launch on next-gen early next year, and Rockstar themselves seem to feel the same.

Rockstar Mutes "GTA 6" in YouTube Comments

As pointed out by @Not_StrangeMan on Twitter, Rockstar's official YouTube channel has muted the phase 'GTA 6' in the comments of at least one of its videos.

If you write a comment saying "GTA 6" in it, the comment will only be visible to you, not showing on anyone else's feed, even if you filter it by newest first.

Rockstar has clearly had enough of the constant comments asking about GTA 6 on everything they put out, so this gives them a little bit of peace. It's something they'd have had to set up when publishing the video, so it's certainly intentional.

We tested it ourselves using two accounts and it's definitely the case. You may even notice some viewers trying to comment GTA 6 in other ways, for a bit of a laugh. Multiple fans are even calling it GTA 5+1 to get past the filters.

It's worked too, as does commenting pretty much any other variation of the title that isn't "GTA 6" exactly. The team who run the Rockstar YouTube channel must have simply had enough of the constant comments and wanted to limit them just a little.

Of course, doing this won't stop fans asking about it, nor will it limit the rumours flying around. Rockstar knows that, though, they just want their own comments sections to be more than a place to ask when GTA 6 is coming out.

We'll continue to keep you up to date with all the GTA 6 news as it breaks, so keep an eye on our feeds. Sorry Rockstar, we're just excited too!

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